The Levels of Australia’s 2022-23 Migration Program: Quick Guide

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The Levels of Australia’s 2022-23 Migration Program: Quick Guide

The Migration Program for 2022-2023 is created to extend the drive social cohesion upshots and monetary recuperation in Australia within the post-pandemic environment. This program carries a planning level of over 160,000 destinations. 

Streams That Carry a Planning Level

Under this section are listed the various types of streams with a planning level.

  • Skill [covers 109,900 places]

This particular stream is created to enhance the economy’s productive capacity. It will also fill in the skill shortages within the labour market, including those present in the country’s regional area. 

  • Family [covers 50,000 places]

This stream is made up of Partner visas. It will allow all Australians to meet their relatives residing in a different nation and offer them pathways for citizenship. 

The Partner visas will be provided on a demand-driven basis so that it facilitates family reunification. In return, it will lessen the processing time and pipeline of these visas for numerous applicants. 

For planning-related reasons, around 40,500 Partner visas are expected for 2022 to 2023. Besides that, 300 Child visas have been estimated for the planning reasons for 2022 to 20233, and it’s completely demand-driven. 

  • Special Eligibility [for 100 places]

This is a stream that will cover all those visas for special situations. It includes the permanent citizens returning to the country after residing overseas for a certain period.

To adapt to all the changing economic conditions, the Minister for Immigration, Citizenship, Migrant Services and Multicultural Affairs will transfer places. This place redistribution will occur continuously within the Skill stream visa categories. 

A table of the levels of the Migration Program Planning is a table of the levels declared for 2022-2023.

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Skill Visa Stream 

Visa Category 2021-2022 2022-2023
Employer Sponsored 22,000 30,000
Global Talent [Sovereign] 15,000 8,448
Business Investment & Innovation 13,000 9,500
Regional 11,200 25,000
Territory/State Nominated 11,200 20,000
Skill Independent 6,500 16,652
Distinguish Talent 200 300
Skill Total 79,600 109,900


Family Stream Visas

Partner 72,300, 40,500
Parent 4,500 6,000
Child 3,000 3,000
Partner 500 500
Family Total 77,300 50,000

Special Eligibility Stream Visa

Special Eligibility 100 100
Migration Program Total 160,000 160,000


The Structure and Size of the Program

The structure and size of the Migration Program are set every year along with the budget process of the Australian Government. To notify the policy settings and the planning levels of this program, the Department of Home Affairs consulted about it with the following:

  • Territory and state governments
  • Community organizations 
  • Unions
  • Legislatures of the Industry
  • Representatives of Academia.

DHA has also accepted the public submission, which is a part of the planning process for the 2022-2023 Migration Program. At present, this particular process is closed. When planning the program, things that are taken into account are:

  • Fiscal modelling
  • Global research
  • Public submissions
  • Net overseas economic and migration
  • Labour force forecasts.

Interested individuals can gain more information on this matter by checking the Department of Home Affairs’ official website.

Territory and State Nominated Visa Categories: Nomination Distributions

Under the settings of the 2022-2023 Migration Program, the nomination allocations are available to the “territories and states” in these categories: 

  • Business Investment and Innovation Program [BIIP]
  • Skilled Worked Regional [Interim] Visa – Subclass 491
  • Skilled Nominated Visa – Subclass 190

All the territories and states will evaluate all the qualified candidates according to the standards exclusive to their specific dominion. The table above provides a much clearer understanding of the nomination levels of the territories and states.

Australian State Skilled Nominated Visa [Subclass 190] Skilled Work Regional Visa [Subclass 491] Business Investment and Innovation Program [BIIP]
ACT 800 1,920 ​​10
NSW 7,160 4,870 260
NT 600 840 15
QLD 3,000 1,200 235
SA 2,700 3,180 70
TAS 2,000 1,350 10
VIC 9,000 2,400 170
WA 5,350 2,790 40
Total ​30,610 18,550 810


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Last Words

The Australian Government has declared all the planning levels of the 2022-2023 Migration Program. To gain more information about the Migration Program and expert guidance, ISA Migrations will be there to help. 


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