Western Australia Declares Changes in Their Visas to Bring in More Foreign Staff

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Western Australia Declares Changes in Their Visas to Bring in More Foreign Staff

To address WA’s skill shortage, the McGowan administration has decided to lessen all the red tape for overseas workers. The standards for financial balances, experience and English proficiency, have been lowered. Moreover, more than 100 new occupations have been added to the “priority list” for all the visas.

Changes in the Visas are a Sign of Relief for Restaurants 

Western Australia’s decision has become a relief for restaurant owners like Sam Bruno. Sam had been looking for new employees to work at Hillary’s Mia Cucina restaurant for many months. He said that the restaurant lacked management, chefs and even waitresses.

During the interview with 9 News, Sam declared that on a Saturday night, they had to lessen their booking. His restaurant turned away around 100 people because they couldn’t care for them once they got there. Now, the Government of Western Australia has taken this matter pretty seriously.

They decided to modify or eliminate multiple foreign worker standards and will also give a boost to its skilled migration allocation. This step can certainly help all those food joints that are in need of new workers to run the business smoothly.

What Does the Western Australia Government Have to Say?

In this fiscal year, the WA Government is currently looking forward to over 8000 foreign nationals. Premier McGowan has stated that to make things easier for overseas workers, all the things have been done.

McGowan also included that eliminating the $200 application cost and easing the length of all the secured contracts for 6 months are some of the temporary changes that were made. The WA Government believes that the changes in all the visas can surely improve the condition of all the businesses.

Moreover, the English proficiency needs of managers and other professionals are also reduced in the form of “past job experience“. This means overseas workers who wish to work in Western Australia will get the job if they have past experience in that particular field of work.

The WA Government also declared that the applicants don’t need to provide any proof/evidence for “adequate funds“. Rather than that, they just need to show that they have $20,000 funds in their bank accounts.

Besides that, over 100 new jobs have been added by the Government to the employment list of Western Australia. Some of these jobs include positions in construction and healthcare, working as panel beaters, driving instructors, butchers and even hairdressers. 

This particular decision was supported by Aaron Morey from the Chamber of Commerce. Morey has expressed his thoughts by saying that all the sectors of the economy, especially community and health services, are desperately looking for workers.

The jobless rate fell greatly in WA this month, which has worried the Government greatly. Morey believes that these initiatives to lessen the red tape will surely attract many more workers across the globe. But it also begs the question of where exactly they will be residing.

McGowan has declared that they are developing much more residences than before. He believes that once that residence begins to fill in, people will start moving out from the rentals and call these properties their homes. This will surely free up the rentals. In the next job summit, the federal government has decided to keep their focus on the labour shortfall.

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Ending Note

The workers’ shortage at major businesses has affected Western Australia greatly. Businesses, such as hair salons, restaurants, spas, and healthcare facilities, cannot attend to people properly due to the shortage of staff members. The WA Government believes that the changes made in all the visas can resolve this solution and help all businesses run smoothly like before. To receive expert guidance and information on such matters, check out the site of ISA Migrations.


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