Update on Western Australia’s 2023-24 Skilled Migration Program

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Update on Western Australia’s 2023-24 Skilled Migration Program

Significant improvements have been made to the WA skilled migration programme, many of which are to simplify the application process. The WA Government claims that the modifications expand on the “current relaxation of prerequisites, making it more feasible for skilled migrants to associate with WA jobs.”  

In 2023–24, the WA State Sponsorship Programme will reopen. As a result, qualified candidates in WA may submit a state nomination application. For subclass 190 and 491 visa, state sponsorship is necessary.

Eligibility Requirements For 2023–24

Your occupation must fall under one of the following streams to be invited for State nomination.

General stream- is a route for skilled immigration for several professions and industry types. The WA Skilled Migration Occupation List (WASMOL) Schedule 1 or 2 contains a list of eligible occupations.  

Graduate-level stream-  is a route for skilled immigration for qualified international students completing higher education or vocational training (VET) in Western Australia. The Graduate Occupation List (GOL) is a list of eligible professions.

These occupational lists identify professions seen as having a priority in Western Australia and are consequently open to skilled immigrant nomination by the State.

Reviving of the WA State Sponsorship Programme 2023–24

The WA government is simplifying the sponsoring process for skilled immigrants. It comprises:

  • No fee application;
  • Equal standing for applicants from within the country and abroad;
  • Invites sent with priority to candidates in “critical” industries;
  • Reduced criteria for employment; 
  • Candidates invited through a WA building and construction industry sector occupation don’t need to have an employment contract.

A payment of $10,000 is available to qualified trade jobs through WA’s Construction Visa Subsidy programme!

Let’s discuss some of these modifications.

No Fee Application

The government decided to waive the $200 application cost for state nomination last year. You won’t have to pay an application fee for the 2023–24 WA skilled migration year because this adjustment is still in effect this year.

New Ranking and Prioritising Strategies

The order of applications has changed for this year. Applicants who operate in fields with a critical shortage of competent workers in Western Australia will be given preference for invitations. These are:

  • Construction and building
  • Education and training
  • Healthcare and social services
  • Hospitality and tourism

The method used to rank candidates is likewise evolving. This year, candidates from within the country and outside will be ranked equally. For both the General and Graduate courses, applicants from WA will still be given preference over those from other states and countries. 

Reduced Standards For Hiring Building and Construction Experts

The WA government will decrease the job requirements for applicants requesting a skilled visa in the building and construction industry. The government did not provide a clear explanation for the move. However, given the high demand for many of the industry’s vocations, it is likely to encourage more people to apply for skilled migration in this field.


An Australian state or territory must extend a nomination (invitation) through the State Nominated Migration Programme to obtain certain skilled migration visas for residence and employment in WA (Western Australia). 

The Western Australian (WA) Government has passed a few significant amendments to the rules regulating the WA State Nominated Migration Programme (SNMP), which will take effect for applications received after July 1, 2023. The present loosening of requirements, which intends to make it easier for skilled migrants to investigate and take advantage of employment opportunities in Western Australia state, is extended by these revisions. 

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