Study in Belarus

To study in Belarus is the finest option because of its high quality of education system. There are more than 6000 foreign students who study at the higher education institutes and universities in Belarus each year. The admission requirement for a foreign student is not so stringent in Belarus.

There is a greater chance of settlement in Europe and permanent residency after you finish your program of study. All the courses are recognized internationally. You have the chance to get nice jobs after graduation due to the high standard of the degrees.

The universities in Belarus have the lowest tuition fees in the whole world and the students can afford the expense of education with utmost ease. One can study in Belarus, as the educational qualification in Belarus is accepted worldwide and there is a great level of competence in a wide range of areas from science to business, foreign language training to arts and from legal studies to medicine.

Belarus expense of living and the cost of education is quite affordable in comparison to other European nations. All the institutes are open to English medium of instruction and one can study in English medium in all the courses.

Many of the universities have got immense experience through visiting professors from other parts of the world such as Canada, United States and United Kingdom. To study in Belarus means that you get a greater chance of settlement in Europe and also permanent residence after finishing the study program. You may contact us to know more about the study process in Belarus.

Education system in Belarus

The education system in Belarus has research and education that has got official rules in teaching, evaluation, research and management procedures. Higher education system in Belarus is facilitated by private and public accredited higher education institutions.

Education in public is free of charge for the ones who have passed the entrance exam. All the students need to pay the tuition fees. The higher education comes under the Education Ministry and that is for the licensing and application of the state educational standards.

The higher education system has a diploma of higher education after five years of study and also a bachelor’s degree certificate after completion of five years of study. There is also a master’s degree after one extra year after the first degree.

Belarus has to forty-four state higher education institutions that comprise of twenty-five universities, nine academies, five colleges and one technical school. Education system in Belarus provides professional proficiency to the students.

Belarus has the greatest student population ratios in Europe. Higher education in Belarus is good because of high its quality and it is highly affordable. Many courses in Belarus are for five years and students can opt to study full time at the evening classes.

Many grants are accessible for the full time students and various scholarships are awarded to the brilliant students. Nearly six thousand foreign students study at higher education institutes and universities in Belarus each year. In order to know more about the education system in Belarus, you may contact us and we will be ready to assist you.

Cost of living in Belarus

The cost of living in Belarus is low in comparison to other European nations such as Switzerland or Norway. The cost of living in Belarus for international student is affordable and the price for utilities in Belarus such as water, electricity and garbage ranges from thirty-four dollars to fifty five dollars.

The local calls from mobile phones is cheap too and so is the internet connection. It has an infinite data and speed of 6 Mbps. A meal at a less costly restaurant is for ten dollars. A three course meal for two people is around thirty-seven dollars.

The cost of living in Belarus with respect to the gasoline costs is quite affordable too. Its price range is from .85 dollars to one dollar per liter. A one-way ticket costs around .23 dollars. To know more about the cost of living in Belarus, you may contact us.

Work and study in Belarus

Belarus is a beautiful nation in Eastern Europe. It has its borders with Ukraine, Russia, Poland, Latvia and Lithuania. The official languages in Belarus are Russian and Belarusian. You can work and study in Belarus and there are some helpful resources for searching employment opportunities as a foreigner in Belarus. Teaching English can be a great choice for you if you want to work and study in Belarus.

Can I work and study in Belarus? Yes, there are many jobs of teaching English in Belarus. You may go through each and every site for English job opportunities in Belarus.

ESL employment is a wonderful interface. Total ESL is also a nice interface and there are several job postings for teaching jobs abroad. There is also the ESL cafe that provides the best job openings from all over the world.

The social network is a great resource for developing contacts in the field and also location of your interest. The finest place to find jobs in Belarus is as a foreigner. To know about the job prospects in Belarus, you may contact us anytime.

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