Work and Study in Germany

To earn money along with studying is a means of life for several students in Germany. The students who are from non-European nations can work for 90 full or 180 half days in a year.

  • The non-European nation students may work in between lecture periods.
  • One does not need a special work permit to work.
  • You are allowed to work up to ten hours per week during the lecture periods.
  • One may work for a total of 120 full or 240 half days in a year as a student.
  • This may differ from the high employment regions to low employment regions.
  • According to the norms of the university, a student would not be allowed to work for more than twenty hours per week during the term.
  • The students may take up full time employment in the vacations.
  • A work permit from the federal employment agency is needed. This permit would entail the maximum limit of work that a student may take up.
  • A student who earns less than 450 Euros per month is not required to pay any taxes.
  • When it is about working within the university, the working hours and wages are totally varied.
  • There are teaching or research assistant jobs at the university. These jobs are advertised on the university notice boards.
  • One nice opportunity for the international students is teaching English to the German students. There are sometime private tuitions and the payout is nice.

There are some nice paying jobs and a nice option for students searching for some amount of experience and an appropriate employment alternative after the studies. You may contact us to know more about the work and study in Germany prospects. If you want to work and study in Germany, there are brighter opportunities for you.

Study in Germany

  • In case you wish to study in Germany, you will require a university entrance qualification. This is a school leaving certificate that may qualify you for taking up studies in the university.
  • In case your secondary school leaving certificate is not recognized in Germany, you may get an entrance qualification for a German university on completion of a foundation course.
  • You have to pass an entrance exam in order to actively participate in the foundation course.
  • Nice German language skills are very essential.
  • The foundation courses generally take two semesters to finish and provide 28 to 32 hours of instruction per week.
  • You can enhance your chances of being admitted for studies at a German university.

The German study system is systematic and stringent and one needs to abide by the rules in order to study in Germany for international students. You may contact us to know more about how to study in Germany.

Cost of living in Germany

  • The cost of living in Germany varies according to the city you are in.
  • The capital of Germany, Berlin is affordable and is a big city with many options.
  • The public transport is reasonable, comfortable and very efficient in Germany.
  • You can get affordable rents and these are provided by dormitories and student residences.
  • In an average restaurant, a three dish meal includes a wine glass and it may cost up to forty Euros per individual and this is highly affordable.
  • The local cafes are reasonable.
  • One liter of milk will cost .69 Euros.
  • Eggs will cost around 2 Euros and cheese around 8 Euros.

The cost of living in Germany for international students is quite reasonable and students will really benefit a great deal. You may contact us to know more about the cost of living in Germany.

Education system in Germany

  • Germany is a great country in the whole world when it is about researching with a reputed scientific research sector.
  • The various German facilities and institutions have got a nice infrastructure and are nicely equippd.
  • They provide a broad range of research opportunities.
  • There are several institutions that facilitate scholarships and grants for the international graduates.
  • The students are taught in English.
  • Germany is an attractive place for the international graduates.

The education system in Germany is appealing to the international students and is a nice, career making option for the students from around the world. The higher education system in Germany tends to attract many from across the world in search of a better career.

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