191 Visa Requirements Uncovered: What You Must Know

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191 Visa Requirements Uncovered: What You Must Know


If you have held a provisional regional visa for Australia for at least three years, visa subclass 191 is ideal for you. Either the 491 or 494 subclasses apply here. You transition from a fixed-term provisional visa to an Australian permanent residency with a skilled regional subclass 191. You are no longer limited to regional “in-demand” areas and can work or study anywhere in Australia. In the first five years, there is a travel component that enables you to travel as frequently as necessary to and from Australia.

What is Skilled Regional Visa 191

The Permanent Residence (Skilled Regional) Visa (Subclass 191) enables holders of qualifying visas to live permanently in Australia if they have done so for at least three years in a designated regional area and have earned the required income. It is open to your family members who meet the requirements. You don’t require a sponsor or to be nominated for this visa. 

Visa 191 Requirements

When applying for a 191 visa in Australia, there are specific requirements to keep in mind. First, you need to hold an eligible visa for at least three years. Second, you should provide notices of assessment issued by the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) for three income years out of the five years of your eligible visa. It’s important to note that there is no minimum income requirement. Lastly, you must have complied with the conditions of the eligible visa you currently hold or have held in the past. Meeting these criteria is essential for a successful 191 visa application.

191 Visa English Requirements

For the primary applicant, there is no requirement to demonstrate proficiency in the English language. However, secondary applicants, such as spouses or de facto partners, as well as children over the age of 18, are typically required to exhibit at least a functional level of English proficiency.

In the event that secondary applicants cannot demonstrate functional English, there may be an additional visa application charge. This charge typically amounts to approximately $5,000.

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Privileges of Visa Subclass 191

  • It is a long-term visa. It enables indefinite residence in Australia.
  • You can travel freely to and from Australia with this visa for up to 5 years, and it includes a travel component.
  • Your spouse, partner, and dependent children may be sponsored for immigration to Australia.
  • You and your family can get Australia’s Medicare Public Health Care Scheme.
  • Additionally, you can sponsor some relatives to immigrate to Australia.
  • Upon fulfilling the minimal residence requirement, you can also become eligible to apply for citizenship in Australia.

Skilled Regional Visa Subclass 191 Visa Requirements

To be eligible, an applicant must fulfil the following 191 visa requirements:

  • You must own one of the following qualifying visas for at least three years before applying for a visa.
  • Skilled work regional temporary visa subclass 491 or
  • Skilled Employer sponsored Regional (Provisional) visa Subclass 494
  • You must have fulfilled the qualifying visa’s requirements in Australia (as described above), including any relatives who hold the same qualifying visa as dependents.
  • You must possess a valid visa and have resided in a recognised regional area for at least three years (see above)
  • You must have had your qualifying visa for at least three years and have earned an Australian taxable income of at least the minimum amount indicated.
  • You must pay the second visa application fee unless you speak English well.
  • You must meet pertinent health and character requirements, including any family members with dependent status on the same qualifying visa.


The minimum annual taxable income will be at least AUD 53,900, while the Department hasn’t disclosed the income threshold. 

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Documents Requirement for Visa Subclass 191

Those who wish to apply for a Visa Subclass 191 must collect and submit the following paperwork to comply with Skilled Regional Visa Requirements:

  • Valid birth certificate, Passport
  • Proof of having an Australian Visa Subclass 491 or 494 in good standing
  • Evidence of having lived and worked for at least three years in any designated regional area of Australia, whether on a Visa Subclass 491 or 494, such as:
  • Utility bills (for things like electricity and phones)
  • Agreement for Rent or Lease
  • Student reports
  • Title Deeds to Homes
  • Paystubs and a letter of recommendation are acceptable forms of identification.
  • Police clearance document

A Subclass 191 Visa Application Process

Step 1: Verify that you satisfy the 191 visa criteria.

You must have an assurance that you have compiled the Permanent Residence visa requirements before applying for a visa subclass 191. 

Step 2: Get your paperwork together and apply for a 191 visa.

Gather the necessary documentation, such as identification and character references, to demonstrate that you meet the requirements. If you want to include your family (spouse or children), you must gather the same documentation to show that they meet the requirements for dependent status on a visa.

Step 3: Add further supporting documentation if necessary.

The department may ask for additional information. You must provide them as demanded.

Step 4: You are given the visa by the DHA.

You can submit your visa application online once you have all the necessary paperwork. When applying, you may be inside or outside of Australia. The applicant will receive an acknowledgement from the Department of Home Affairs. The Department of Home Affairs will issue you a Bridging Visa if required.

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A skilled regional work provisional visa falls under Subclass 491, but a skilled regional permanent resident visa falls under Subclass 191. The recently launched subclass 191 visa offers an excellent opportunity to move to permanent residency in Australia for qualified holders of temporary skilled visas. One can access Medicare, live, work, and study without restrictions in Australia, and sponsor eligible family members for temporary or permanent residency as a permanent resident, among other advantages.

You must have the most recent knowledge about this visa choice because the Australian government is likely to keep changing the specifications for the subclass 191 visa.

The best approach to get the most recent and correct information on visa requirements and exemptions is to speak with an immigration lawyer or a certified migration agent Perth, as immigration laws are subject to change over time. 

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