Tourist Visa Australia Requirements: Your Guide to Visit Down Under

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Tourist Visa Australia Requirements: Your Guide to Visit Down Under

You will need a valid Australian visa to enter the country unless you are an Australian citizen. Passengers with a New Zealand passport can apply for a visa on arrival. All other passport holders must get a visa before departing, regardless of age. You can apply for several Australian visas, including tourist and working holiday visas, through the ETA app or the Department of Home Affairs website. You must know Tourist Visa Australia’s conditions and requirements to obtain a visa subclass 600. You can also get assistance from a professional immigration expert to help you with these procedures.

Visitor Visa 600

The Visitor Visa (Subclass 600) is a temporary visa created for those who want to visit Australia for various reasons, including tourism, business, or visiting sponsored family members. It provides several streams, each with its set of rights and entitlements. 

The Visitor Visa permits you to stay in Australia for three, six, or twelve months, depending on the visa and stream. It is crucial to note that if you apply for the tourist stream (apply in Australia), you must be in Australia at the time of your application. For all other streams, you must be outside Australia and be present in that nation when your visa application is decided.

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Visitor Visa Streams

Tourist Visa Stream: 

Someone who comes to Australia for pleasure and meeting or to visit friends and relatives. You can apply from anywhere in the globe, including Australia.

Business Stream: 

For businesspeople on short business conferences to conduct business, negotiate, or attend events. You must apply from a location other than Australia.

Sponsored Family Stream:

Visitor visas of extended duration are awarded to parents of Australian citizens and permanent residents who are sponsored for a visit visa by an Australian citizen or permanent resident. You must meet the Requirements for a tourist visa in Australia with a sponsor to obtain it.

Eligibility Criteria for Tourist Visa

The visa subclass 600 is a temporary visa that permits an individual to stay in Australia for 12 months. To be eligible for the many benefits associated with the visiting visa 600, an individual must meet the following Tourist Visa Australia Requirements:

  • The individual applying for the visa category 600 must be a genuine temporary arrival in Australia and have supplied suitable evidence.
  • The applicant must submit suitable evidence of having sufficient funds to support their stay in Australia and to allow for a smooth entry and leave from Australia.
  • According to the Australian framework and rules, the applicant must meet the health and character requirements.
  • The applicant must meet the minimal health criteria stipulated by the visiting visa 600 conditions.
  • The applicant or any family member must not owe the Australian Government any money.

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Visitor Visa Australia Required Documents

You must provide documents as the Sponsored Family Visitor Visa 600 checklist states to complete your visa subclass 600 applications. These are:

Identification Documents

Please provide the pages of your recent passport that display your photo, personal information, and the issue and expiration dates.

Also include:

  • If you have an ID card, bring it with you.
  • If applicable, provide proof of name change, such as:
  • A certificate of marriage or divorce
  • You can obtain name change documentation through the Australian Registry of Births, Deaths, and Marriages or the equivalent overseas government.
  • Documentation demonstrating previous names

Genuine Visitor Documentation

Provide as much documentation as possible that you are just visiting Australia shortly. It may include:

  • Personal bank statements, pay slips, audited accounts, tax documents, or credit card limits are proof that you have the money to stay and depart Australia.
  • A letter from an Australian relative or friend inviting you to visit. The letter could say something like:
  1. Their connection to you
  2. Your visit’s purpose and duration
  3. If you intend to stay with them, provide proof of funds if this person will be paying for your stay.
  • Your plans for your trip to Australia

Evidence showing you have compelling reasons to return home, such as:

  • A letter from your employer saying that you intend to return to work
  • Evidence proving you attend a school, college, or university in your home country
  • Evidence showing you have immediate family in your home country
  • Verification that you can come home
  • Evidence showing you possess a home or other significant assets in your home country

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Character Documents

If you have a military service record or discharge papers, please provide them.

Documentation for Parents

Parents and step-parents of Australian citizens or permanent residents who want to apply for a visa 600 that is valid for more than a year should send us a letter that states:

  • If you are the parent or step-parent of an Australian citizen, permanent resident, or qualified New Zealand citizen, you may apply
  • You wish to obtain an extended visa

You must also give documentation that your child is a citizen or permanent resident of Australia.

Health Insurance

You must have proper health insurance coverage.

Financial Records

  • Copies of bank statements (personal and business) indicating a steady savings history over time.
  • Copies of paperwork demonstrating the existence of any other funds or assets.
  • Tax returns for the previous three years
  • You must present a Statutory Declaration with evidence of your financial capacity if a friend or relative in Australia is paying for your stay, like a letter of invitation, bank statements, and tax documents.
  • Even if your trip is being paid for by a friend or relative, you must present proof of your financial situation. We examine your financial situation when determining whether your circumstances would urge you to return to your home country.

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Apply for the Visitor Visa 600

The application process may differ based on the type of visa you require. You can apply for a visa online by registering for an ImmiAccount and following the application instructions. To give enough time for processing, submit your application well before your travel date. The department may ask you to produce further supporting documentation. If your tourist visa is approved, You will be notified in writing, and it will be linked to your passport digitally. Visit the Department of Home Affairs website for further information on different visa kinds and Australian visa requirements, including how to apply for an Australian visa.

Australia Tourist Visa Processing Time

For Visitor Visa Stream

  • 25% of applications in less than a day. 
  • 50% of applicants get it in 6 days
  • 26 days for 75% of applications 
  • 90% of applications received in 37 days

For Business Visa Stream – 

  • 25% of applications take less than a day.
  • Three days for 50% of applications
  • Nine days for 75% of applications
  • 90% of applications are within 25 days.

For a Stream of a Sponsored Family – 

  • 28 days for 25% of applicants
  • 36 days for 50% of applicants
  • 45 days for 75% of applicants 
  • 90% of applications: 50 days

The processing time for visit visas is determined by various factors, including:

  • When submitting your application, you must have included all essential supporting documentation
  • Your response time to additional information requests
  • The time it takes the authorities to complete the required checks on the information in your application.
  • Time required to receive further information on your health, character, and national security

The information and evidence you provide will be used to determine whether your visa application will be accepted or denied.

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The Visitor visa subclass 600 allows applicants to visit relatives or friends in Australia. With the visiting visa 600, an applicant can travel to Australia as a tourist, enjoy a cruise, or for any other reason not related to medical treatments or business. Tourist visa Australia validity is 12 months.

The applicant’s stay length with this visa is on the visa issuance letter. A migration agent is a specialist in this sector who can assist you with your Visitor visa application and allow you to enjoy your time in Australia.

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