Which Intake Is More Beneficial For Students In Australia?

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Which Intake Is More Beneficial For Students In Australia?

Intakes also knew as semesters are offered in Australia for its international students in two different phases, i.e. during the February and July cycle. The duration of the February intake starts from early in February and continues till early in June whereas the duration of the July intake begins from late in the July or at the initial stage of August, and, continues all through the month of November.

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Factors To Consider Before Choosing A Specific Intake

Choosing a feasible intake can be quite a tricky task to perform unless you consider the below-given factors.

  • Your previous educational records.
  • The academic program which you have opted for.
  • The score which you have obtained in your entrance test.
  • How well-prepared you are to pursue your career further with your chosen course.
  • The abundance of your chosen course of study in Australia and
  • Also, the rate of acceptance of the program which you have opted for in Australia.

After ascertaining all the aforesaid factors one after the other, it’s time for you to opt for a suitable intake to get yourself enrolled for your chosen course.

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1. It’s Time to Choose a Viable Intake

So, now that you have applied for the Student Visa 500, it’s time for you to choose a feasible intake, to commence your course of study from a reputed academic organization of Australia. However, there is no rule of thumb when it comes to choosing the right intake for you. Although, the February intake is a way better option as compared to the July intake, as it contains most of the courses offered by the maximum number of Australian universities and colleges.

In this context, the best way to opt for a suitable intake is by choosing the subsequent option in case the duration of your current intake is over. Nonetheless, since most of the students are going for the February intake over the July one, it’s better to get a comprehensive understanding of and how to apply for your chosen program in the same.

2. Try To Make It as Early as possible

As already told above that the February intake is considered more convenient as compared to the July intake, hence, it is considered as the primary intake as well. After your student visa gets approved, make a list of your preferred universities and colleges. Subsequently, choose the best academic institute amongst all these and apply there as early as possible. However, different academic organizations have time constraints, and opt only for the one which matches your choice of time aptly.

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3. Take up Your Preliminary Exams Much Faster

So, once you are ready to apply for your chosen course during the February intake, it’s time for you to appear for all the relevant preliminary exams much before your course commences. Say, for instance, appear for the pertinent competitive exams first like the GRE and GMAT much before your English language exams. Some of the most popular English language exams are TOEFL and that of IELTS. Apart from this, also know that you might need to re-appear for your competitive exams in case you do not crack at the first chance. And this is the sole reason for which you should try to appear for the relevant tests of your program a lot before the actual phase of your course commencement.

4. Submit Your Application Before Your Intake Deadline Ends

Since your February intake will initiate from the early phase of the month hence, you should start preparing for your application at least 6 months before, in order to meet the missed out requirements as well as rectify a couple of mistakes, while its processing goes on. This is said because, whether it’s creating your Statement of Purpose (SOP) or obtaining the reference letters from your fellow supervisors or academic facilitators, each of these things will take a good deal of time. Hence, the earlier you apply, the better it will be for you to submit your application much before the specified deadline.

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5. Get Ready for Your Interview Sessions

So, now that you have submitted the application of your program for the February intake, you will receive a reply email from your college or university within the next few days. Also, come up to a certain decision as soon as possible, and let it know to your college or university via a reply email as well. For applicants who reply faster undoubtedly get the first preference. So, stop waiting until the deadline of your intake gets over, and reply as fast as you can. Also, if your college or university invites you for a video interview, then try to put in the best of your efforts in order to qualify in that success as well.

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6. Arrange Proper Funds For Your Course

Always remember that the processing time of your student visa subclass 500 will consume a lot of time. Meanwhile, try to arrange adequate funds to commence the course of your study in a smooth and hassle-free manner. For this, you can apply for an academic loan in the ‘study loan for abroad studies’ category of Australia as soon as you receive the acceptance letter from your college or university. Besides this, also attach the correct documents with the application of your student visa to get your study loan approved quickly.

7. Head-off to Australia

So, once you are done with the entire application procedure of your February intake and student visa, it’s time for you to fly all the way to Australia along with all the necessary documents and their photocopies. As your course will start from the initial phase of February, you should try to arrive in Australia at least a month before so as to make all the essential welfare arrangements related to your entire stay in the nation on time.

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