Business Visa Australia Requirements: All You Need To Know!

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Business Visa Australia Requirements: All You Need To Know!

Are you considering conducting business in Australia? Not an issue; this blog has everything you need to know about Australian business visas. We can assist you with whatever you need, whether launching your own business, attending a conference, or searching for collaborations. Thus, take out your passport, put aside any confusion about business visa Australia requirements, and get ready to investigate company prospects in Australia.

Understanding Business Visa Australia

Different types of business visas in Australia enable you to reside and work in Australia with the express intent of running and thinking of business immigration to Australia. It’s a means to identify yourself as a business owner with the potential to become a permanent resident, not merely a short-term visa for attending meetings or conferences. Consider it a unique pass that allows you to pursue your entrepreneurial goals in Australia and support the nation’s economy.

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Types of Business Visas Australia

Australia offers a range of business visas tailored to specific business needs, such as the Business Innovation and Investment Visa for entrepreneurs and the Visitor Visa for short-term visits.

Temporary Visas

Visitor Visa (Subclass 600) – Business Visitor Stream 

Visitor Visa Australia permits going to conferences, looking for joint ventures, or starting business ventures. The visa is intended for short-term visits for business-related travel and has certain criteria that are discussed as under:


  • Varies by nationality; check with Australian immigration.
  • Generally good health, genuine temporary purpose, and meet character requirements.


  • Valid passport.
  • Evidence of financial stability (enough funds for stay).
  • Return flight bookings.
  • Evidence of intended business activities (conference registration, invitation letter, etc.).
  • Travel history proof.

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Business Innovation and Investment (Provisional) Visa (Subclass 188) 

Visa subclass 188 offers investors and business owners a five-year work and residency period in Australia, along with a path to permanent residency or business PR in Australia. You have two possibilities for pursuing your business aspirations in Australia: either operate your own company or make a sizable investment there. Consider it a “try-before-you-buy” opportunity. 


  • Minimum age 55
  • Business experience and skills
  • Business investment or innovation plan
  • Points-based test score (70+)


Extensive documentation is required, including:

  • Business plans and financials
  • Proof of investment funds
  • Personal income and tax documents
  • Business experience documentation
  • Character documents
  • Medical and police checks

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Permanent Visas

Business Owner Visa (Subclass 890) 

If you have been operating a profitable business and looking for a business migration to Australia for at least two years, you are eligible for an indefinite stay visa. Consider it a prize for being a proactive business owner and boosting the country’s national economy. But keep in mind that you’ll need to fulfil certain requirements, such as continuing your commercial operation and hiring Australian nationals.


  • Before submitting a visa application, operate a business in Australia for a minimum of two years.
  • Ensure that at the time of visa issue, you and your partner—including your ex-partner meet the qualifying conditions.


  • Send in a color scanned copy of your passport that contains all the information, and if you changed your name, send documentation such as a certificate or ID card.
  • Complete Forms 927, 1217, and 47BU (Application for Business Owner Visa) to complete your business skills profile.
  • Incorporate two current identity images into your application, adhering to certain instructions for every candidate.
  • A two-year summary of your professional background and commercial ventures, including information on Australian companies you have owned, their operations, and your managerial responsibilities, should be included.
  • Give a succinct, two-page synopsis of your company, including the number of years of ownership, operations, management responsibilities, net assets, turnover, and personnel.

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Investor Visa (Subclass 891) 

Those who have kept their allocated investment in Australia may apply for residency under the Investor Visa (subclass 891), a permanent visa. Eligible holders of State/Territory Sponsored Investor (subclass 893) and Investor Retirement (subclass 405) visas can apply for permanent residency in Australia through this visa.


  • You must live in the nation for a minimum of two years.
  • When applying for Visa 891, you must have an Investor Provisional Visa.
  • You must have owned a business with an AUD 1.5 million investment within the last four years.
  • While in the nation, the candidate must apply for an Australian category 891 visa.


  • The age requirement to apply for Visa Subclass 891 is not specified.
  • Fulfill the administration’s declared requirements for character and health.
  • Indicate which residents’ and businesses’ details are required on the application form.
  • One should possess a subclass 162 visa when applying for an investor visa.
  • The Australian Value Statement should be signed.

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It is necessary to have a thorough awareness of the different options and their corresponding requirements to navigate the Australian business visa landscape. Whether seeking to enter the country with a small business visa in Australia, looking into investment opportunities, or seeking permanent residence, you can connect to visa agent Perth. Each visa category has a different business visa Australia cost, requiring careful paperwork and adherence to qualifying requirements. This guide, which serves as your entry point to business opportunities in Australia, streamlines the complexities and provides a thorough overview for a prosperous endeavour there.

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