How to Get Australian Citizenship: 2024 Guide

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How to Get Australian Citizenship: 2024 Guide

Do you picture yourself living in Australia, considering its high standard of living, strong economy, and amazing beaches? Do you think you could benefit from the Australian lifestyle? It is worth mentioning that Australia encouragingly welcomes qualified immigrants, enabling them to participate in the betterment of society through their employment and presence. Also, did you know having Australian citizenship has its advantages, such as voting and easy entry to Australia without a visa? So, if you are someone living in Australia on a work visa but aspire to make this beautiful country your forever home, then we will tell you how you can apply for citizenship in Australia.

Difference Between Permanent Citizenship And Permanent Residence? 

Citizenship and residency are two different concepts but are often misunderstood to be the same. In Australia, there is a difference between the rights and responsibilities of both these categories. For instance, one advantage of being an Australian citizen is having access to jobs in the Australian Public Service. A valid Australian passport allows you to enter the nation without a visa. Also, as a citizen, one can run for parliament elections. Unlike many other countries, federal and state elections and referendums are compulsory for all Australian citizens. Additionally, you’ll take an oath to respect equality and justice, two Australian values.

The Australian border police disseminate narratives of individuals who have obtained Australian citizenship and their experiences. If you’re considering making the change yourself, then this blog will offer some important information on how and why one should apply for citizenship

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Requirements To Become A Citizen

So, do you plan to become an Australian citizen? You must meet Australian citizenship requirements to become an Australian citizen. Let us now understand these requirements:

  • Living in this country permanently is among the most common grounds for obtaining citizenship in Australia. 
  • Are your parents or any one of your parents holds an Australian lineage? Well, in that case, you become qualified for citizenship by descent at the time of your birth.
  • Check your eligibility for Australian citizenship by taking an online citizenship test.
  • Most applicants must also undertake a residency test to prove they have stayed in Australia for the last four years, including the year immediately preceding the year of application. Due to the slightly complicated nature of this calculation, border authorities have an online residency calculator available to help determine this. 
  • As a matter of course, they will need to satisfy the condition that you’re good in character, able and willing to speak English on an acceptable level, understand the fundamental principles of Australian citizenship, and have significant ties with this country. 
  • Note that some requirements are waived for those under 17 or over 60 years of age.
  • The Department of Borders and Immigration handles applications for Australian citizenship, and their site makes an excellent resource for searching for updates as well as finding Australian citizenship application forms.

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How To Apply For Australian Citizenship? 

Regardless of the reasons for your Australian citizen application, the fundamental process for requesting citizenship is the same. Before gathering the paperwork needed to make your application, you must use one of the tools available on the border authorities’ website to find eligibility. You can apply online or by mail using a paper form, and you may do so from anywhere in Australia or overseas.

Application Fees and Expenses: 

Both the application and the associated fees must be submitted. If you need to schedule an interview or citizenship test, you can do so once you’ve received approval. There are fees associated with each route to citizenship, though some exemptions may apply. Between 40 and 285 Australian dollars are the precise amounts that differ. When submitting an application from abroad and sending money internationally, your bank may charge you more than expected based on the exchange rate and administration fees. 

Your citizenship test can be booked once you have paid your fees so you can assess your English proficiency and learn about the rights and responsibilities of citizenship. You can also find online resources and practice exams. If everything goes well, the final step involves swearing allegiance to Australia during a citizenship ceremony. Then, your application will be processed, and you’ll soon get an invitation to attend.

How long will the process take?

Your citizenship application processing time depends on your circumstances. On the whole, citizenship by descent is normally the quickest. The published service standards of the Australian border authorities inform you about what it will take to become an Australian citizen. The procedure may involve as many as 12 months. 

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How Can I Apply For A Passport? 

You can apply for an Australian passport when everything is set up for your citizenship. The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade overseas the Australian Passport Office and provides a useful website guide to assist you with the application process. There are additional costs because obtaining a passport requires different steps than obtaining citizenship. 

If you are starting to become an Australian citizen, rest assured that the whole process is well-documented and accessible online. Though dealing with bureaucracy can be challenging, you will never lack the necessary help in processing to ensure that this process is as simple for you as possible.

Privileges Of Australian Citizenship

You enjoy many benefits as an Australian citizen, some of which are as follows:

  • Voting in a referendum as well as federal, state, or territory elections
  • Applying to join the Australian Defense Force or the Public Service
  • aiming to be elected to the parliament
  • Submitting a passport application for Australia
  • Getting assistance while travelling from an Australian embassy or consulate
  • Registering foreign-born children who are descended from Australian citizens. 

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Citizenship in Australia has many benefits, such as the opportunity to vote in elections and join the Australian Defence Force. You can contact a migration agent to learn more about Australian citizenship and apply for citizenship in Australia. So, what are you waiting for? Get your Australian citizenship today and start your journey in this beautiful nation.

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