Entry Requirement and Working Rights on Visitor Visas in Australia

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Entry Requirement and Working Rights on Visitor Visas in Australia

Working rights in Australia unlock numerous opportunities for professionals. However, they should be aware of the specific entry requirements, their working rights, and the specific visa needed for the purpose. If you are planning to visit Australia for work, then knowing about and applying for visitor visa Australia would be crucial.

Visitor Visa Australia

An Australian visitor visa can chiefly be divided into four individual categories. These include the Visitor Visa 600, Electronic Travel Authority Visa 651, ETA subclass 601, and Medical Treatment Visa 602. Each of these visas lets you serve a different purpose in Australia altogether. Today’s post will familiarize you with each Visitor visas Australia, their pertinent eligibility criteria, and work rights. So, without wasting time any further, let’s get started.

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An Introduction To The Different Types of Visitor Visas!

As already said that that the aforesaid visitor visas allow you to serve a substantial purpose effectively. A brief introduction to each of the visitor visas can be considered below.

  • Visitor Visa Subclass 600: The Tourist Visa 600 has been predominantly designed for business visitors or tourists. With this visa, you can stay in Australia for a period of three, six, or twelve months.
  • Electronic Travel Authority Subclass 601: This particular visitor visa 601 lets you visit Australia as you please for a time-frame of twelve months. You can stay for not more than three months every time you visit Australia.
  • Medical Treatment Visa Subclass 602: Do you need to come to Australia for medical treatment or support someone undergoing medical treatment? If your reply is yes, then the medical treatment Visa 602 has been designed for applicants like you. This visa is also meant for people who are looking forward to donating an organ.
  • EVisitor Visa Subclass 651: If you wish to visit Australia to serve some business activities or simply as a tourist, then the Evisitor Subclass 651 is designed for individuals like you. The business activities should however be business conferences or business meetings etc.

Note that the eligibility criteria for each of the aforementioned visas will differ reasonably. Complying with these requirements is imperative as per the immigration laws of Australia.

Basic Eligibility Criteria of the Australian Visitor Visas!

Here is a checklist of the fundamental eligibility criteria which each of the aforesaid visitor visas requires you to meet.

Visitor Visa Subclass 600

The fundamental eligibility requirements of the visitor visa 600 include:

  • You should possess adequate funds to support your entire stay in Australia and depart from the country and
  • You should be a genuine visitor

The cost of this visa will vary reasonably depending on the stream you’ve applied for.

Visitor Visa Subclass 601

Applying for the ETA Subclass 601 to visit Australia? Then, make sure that you have met the following eligibility requirements for sure.

  • Your application should be in your best interests if you are eighteen years old.
  • You must pay back all your outstanding debts to the government of Australia.
  • You should meet all the character and health requirements.
  • You should prove that you are a genuine Australian visitor and
  • You should be the holder of an eligible passport.

Note – that the Visa 601 is completely free of cost with just a service charge of AU$20

Medical Treatment Visa 602

  • To apply for the medical treatment 602 Visa you need to meet the following eligibility criteria.
  • You should not have any Australian visa canceled or refused previously.
  • You should make the necessary financial arrangements to afford the cost of your medical treatment.
  • You should pay back all your outstanding debts to the Australian government.
  • Your intention to visit Australia should be completely genuine.
  • You should meet all the health prerequisites.
  • You should meet all the character prerequisites.
  • You should be able to support yourself.
  • You should not be the holder of any ineligible visa.

Remember that to become eligible for the 602 medical visa you can be of any particular age. Like the 601 visa, the 602 medical treatment visa is entirely free of cost. However, if you are applying for the 602 visa from Australia, you need to pay a cost of AU$315. Additional costs for biometrics, police certificates, and health checks might be incurred depending on your pertinent circumstances.

Visitor Visa Subclass Visa Subclass 651!

Just the way the 600 visa, the Visa Subclass 601 and 602 have their own eligibility criteria, same is the case with the 651 visa. So, to apply for the Evisitor Visa Subclass 651, you need to comply with the following eligibility criteria.

  • You should have lodged an application in your best interests if you’re below eighteen years.
  • You should possess sufficient funds and must prove it to the Department of Home Affairs. The DoHA will rest assured that you can afford your entire stay in Australia without facing any monetary shortage. Aside, they will have peace of mind about the fact that you will leave Australia effectively after your stay is over.
  • You should prove that you are a genuine visitor to Australia through substantial documents.
  • You should have paid back all your potential debts to the government of Australia.
  • You should be the holder of a passport pertaining to an eligible country and
  • You should meet all the health and character requirements properly.

When it comes to the Evisitor Visa Subclass 651, ninety percent of the applications are processed within five months. The best part is this visa is completely free of cost.

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Work Permits of the Visitor Visas!

Any of the visitor visas stated above don’t grant any rights to work to their eligible applicants. So, if a non-citizen on any of these visas is doing so, he or she is doing it unlawfully. However, you are allowed to participate in substantial business activities as per the eligible visas’ privileges. These include unveiling and optimizing the various business opportunities in Australia to name a few. So, make sure that you aren’t employed in Australia with any of the visitor visas stated above.

Get in touch with a Migration Agent in Perth!

So, do you also need to apply for any of the Australian visitor visas stated above? If yes, then hire a Migration Agent Perth right now! Depending on your pertinent circumstances, your Visa Consultant Perth will help you apply for the right visa. By optimizing his or her immigration knowledge, your migration agent will ensure a faultless visa application for you subsequently.

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