How to Obtain a Global Talent Visa for Australia: A Comprehensive Guide

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How to Obtain a Global Talent Visa for Australia: A Comprehensive Guide

Australia’s future will be determined by its capacity to draw the world’s finest and brightest minds to the country and spur the creation of innovative jobs. Australia has announced a unique category of permanent visas dubbed the Global Talent Visa subclass 858 for highly qualified workers in several focus areas to realise this objective. As the GTI programme is improved, these target sectors are occasionally updated.

Global Talent Visa Australia

A simplified visa pathway for highly qualified professionals to work and reside permanently in Australia is the Global Talent Visa Programme, also known as the Global Talent Independent Programme.

Australia is looking for the best and brightest individuals from around the globe to work in seven future-oriented areas. Its innovation and tech economies are intended to flourish with the aid of the global talent independent programme. Australians will benefit from this by getting the chance to transfer skills, foster innovation, and get jobs.

Australia is one of the wealthiest, safest, and most culturally diverse nations and a popular travel and lifestyle destination. Strong trading relations and a business-friendly regulatory framework in Australia provide innovation chances. Talented people will receive permanent residency under the programme to start new lives in Australia.

Under the Global Talent visa, there are two routes:

  • Global Talent Visa Pathways: a chance for highly qualified individuals in the target sectors; and
  • Distinguished Talent Pathways: a route for extraordinary and excellent people who don’t fit into any category of Global Talent

Benefits of Global Talent Visa Subclass 858

The Global Talent Independent Programme (GTIP) has the following advantages:

  • These Global Talent visas receive the greatest priority of all Australian immigration programmes thanks to priority processing. These are granted quickly and efficiently—in as little as one month after the application submission.
  • This visa does not require employer sponsorship and is not points-tested because it is for independent applicants.
  • The visa is issued without any restrictions or requirements regarding employment.
  • A road to Australian citizenship is provided by being a permanent resident.

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Eligibility Criteria for Global Talent Visa

To qualify for the Global Talent Independent Visa Programme, you must fulfil the global talent visa requirements listed below:

  • Are well-known in one of the recognised fields or industries for the Global Talent Visa.
  • Be nominated by an Australian; To qualify for the Global Talent visa, You must have an Australian person or organisation endorse you. The nomination has no related costs. And your nominator has no ongoing responsibilities.
  • The nominee must hold a competent position in Australia to confirm that you have a national or international reputation and should be granted a Global Talent visa. A nominee could also be an organisation, like the Australian Computer Society.
  • Possess the ability to earn more than Australia’s Fair Work High Income Threshold (FWHIT), which is presently set at AU$153,600 annually. You can prove it by providing proof of recent PhD grads in the target industries, future employment offers, or evidence of existing earnings.
  • If you are applying from onshore or offshore and are not yet making this much money, you must show you can make $153,900. The applicant must prove that getting a job is not an issue (or being self-sufficient) in their area at a wage that would be regarded as being over the Fair Work High Income Threshold (FWHIT).
  • How they might benefit the Australian population should be discussed in the application;
  • If PhD graduates or specific PhD candidates can show outstanding potential and international recognition in a target sector, they may still be qualified to apply for the GTI Programme. Additionally, PhD candidates close to earning their degree must be able to show they had a track record of success before beginning their studies.
  • The Department also intends to target specific student cohorts, such as those who have recently (within the last three years) finished a PhD or (or are almost ready to submit their thesis), with research that is recognised internationally and pertinent to those targeted businesses.

Sectors Targeted for the Global Talent Visa

You must have skills in one of the targeted sectors to qualify for the Global skill visa. Many prospective applicants are not sure of whether their occupations will fall under one of the seven focus areas because there is no fixed Global Talent Visa Australia Occupation List.

The Australian Government’s Department of Home Affairs has selected the following industries as the program’s target sectors:

  • Resources
  • Agtech and Agfood
  • Energy
  • Sectors of the Health
  • Space, defence, and advanced manufacturing
  • Cyclical economy
  • DigiTech
  • Facilities and tourism
  • Monetary operations and fintech
  • Education

Steps to Apply for a Global Talent Visa in Australia

The Global Talent Visa application and approval processes are quick and easy. The procedure is straightforward, although there are specific phrases you might not be familiar with. You must comprehend the details in the Insider’s Guide to Applying for an Australian Global Talent Visa before you can understand them.

  1. To apply for a Global Talent Visa, you must first submit an “Expression of Interest.” referred to as an “EOI.” It is an application that is considered preliminary.
  2. Following the approval of your EOI, you will get an “Invitation” to apply along with other information not specified in the EOI.
  3. The hard work is over after you submit a visa application. To get a positive review, all you have to do is wait.

The global talent visa cost is $4,110. Any family members over 18 who cannot demonstrate that they speak English at a functioning level will, however, incur an extra fee. Your family’s second instalment payment is AUD4,890.

Each additional applicant that applies with you will incur an additional charge from you. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I Bring My Family Members With Me on a Visa 858?

You may bring your family members if they are a part of your immediate family:

  • Your de facto partner or spouse.
  • Your minor child or the child of your partner
  • A dependent adult kid of you not married or in a committed relationship
  • Adult dependent child of your partner who is not married or involved

If you are applying for a global talent visa and are under the age of 18, you can state:

  • The parent
  • Members of that parent’s immediate family
  • Even family members who do not apply for the visa with you may need to meet the health requirements. Any family members who are older than 16 must also meet the character criteria.

Q. How long does it take to complete a Global Talent Visa?

It may take a few days to a few months to get a UIN after filing an EOI to the GTIP. Once you have a UIN, you can submit a GTV application. After submitting a GTV application, processing can take one to seven months.

Q. What is the global talent visa Australia success rate?

When you apply for a Global Talent Visa, it may be useful to know whether the success rates of candidates in your industry are often higher or lower than the norm. The success rate average for all industries is 24%.

It indicates that the number of candidates who received an invitation to apply for the Global Talent Visa in the previous year is equivalent to 24% of the number of applicants who filed an expression of interest.


For highly qualified individuals with outstanding talent who want to employ their expertise in some specialised industries within Australia, the Global Talent Subclass 858 visa is an appealing choice.

You may satisfy the Global Talent Visa Australia eligibility if you are an outstanding candidate with experience in one of the targeted industries. The visa provides a streamlined and priority-processed route to Australian permanent residency. 

Aspiring applicants must receive a nomination from a recognized organization or be endorsed by the Global Talent Officer. To navigate the intricate application process, seeking guidance from the best migration agent Adelaide is recommended. They can provide personalized assistance and increase the chances of a successful visa outcome.


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