Vetassess Skills Assessment: All You Need to Know About

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Vetassess Skills Assessment: All You Need to Know About

Many professionals looking to transfer to Australia on skilled visas can submit their applications to VETASSESS, a skills assessment organisation that has received government approval in Australia. In assessing candidates’ educational backgrounds and professional experiences for employment, immigration, course entrance, and industry engagement, VETASSESS has extensive experience.  If your occupation falls under the category of a general professional occupation, VETASSESS occupations skills evaluation is for you. If your profession is listed on the occupation listings and you request one of the following visas, you may apply for a skills assessment.

  • Temporary Graduate Visa (Subclass 485), 
  • Regional Sponsored Migration (491 visas), 
  • Employer Nomination Scheme (ENS), and 
  • General Skilled Migration (GSM)

Vetassess Processing Time 2023

The estimated timeframe typically ranges from 8 to 10 weeks, contingent upon the receipt of all requisite documents essential for the assessment process.

Vetassess Skills Assessment Checklist

  1. Personal Identification:
    • Passport (photo page)
    • Birth certificate
    • A recent passport-sized photograph
  2. Proof of Name Change (if applicable):
    • Marriage certificate
    • Legal name change document
  3. Application Fee:
    • Proof of payment (receipt or transaction record)
  4. Qualification Documents:
    • Certificates of completed qualifications (e.g., diploma, degree)
    • Academic transcripts
    • Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) or any relevant training certificates
  5. Employment Evidence:
    • Current and past employment contracts
    • Job description or roles and responsibilities on company letterhead
    • Pay slips or salary statements
    • Employment reference letters
    • Tax records
  6. Professional Registration or Licensing (if applicable):
    • Current license or registration
    • Evidence of professional memberships
  7. Proof for Priority Processing (if applying):
    • All required documents indicating a positive prior assessment
    • Evidence that all previous employment and qualifications were assessed positively
  8. Date Deemed Skilled Documentation:
    • Relevant records showing when you met the VETASSESS skills assessment criteria (within the last 10 years)
  9. English Language Proficiency (if required):
    • Results from an English language test (e.g., IELTS, TOEFL)
  10. Additional Evidence (if needed):
  • Any other documents or certifications relevant to your profession or skills assessment.

Ensure you double-check the specific requirements for your occupation on the VETASSESS website, as there may be variations depending on the profession. Always provide clear, authentic, and legible copies of the necessary documents.

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Vetassess Skill Assessment and its Importance

The VETASSESS by skills evaluation assesses your qualifications and determines whether your chosen career is fit for you. A successful skills assessment for immigration reasons requires a favourable consideration of certificates and employment.

A critical step in the immigration procedure for someone who wants to immigrate to Australia on a skilled visa is a skill assessment. Vocational Education and Training Assessment Services (VETASSESS) is one of the primary organisations in Australia responsible for skill evaluation. Vetassess is responsible for assessing a person’s skills and qualifications to determine if they qualify for employer-sponsored immigration or the General Skilled Migration (GSM) programme. The credentials will be evaluated to see if they meet the educational and professional standards of the chosen occupation in Australia.

The necessity for VETASSESS skill evaluation 

  • It verifies that you are a genuinely competent expert with the necessary abilities for your line of work.
  • Along with your visa application, you must send the VETASSESS approval letter to the Department of Home Affairs.
  • You may receive additional points based on the number of years of job experience in your points test system. 

Vetassess Skill Assessment Validity

A skills evaluation has a three-year validity period. Therefore, it is safe to presume that the assessment is valid for three years from the date of issuance if your skills assessment letter does not specify a date. The skill assessment validity, however, comes after the letter’s date if the date listed in the skills assessment is less than three years old. On the other hand, the Department would overlook the date if the skills evaluation letter’s validity period was more than three years. Three years is the most extensive possible validity period.

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Procedure for Applying

The VETASSESS comprehensive skills evaluation assesses your qualifications and considers the appropriateness of your profession of choice. Examining your degrees for relevance to your chosen occupation and educational level comparability on the Australian Degrees Framework (AQF) are both parts of the qualification assessment. The employment evaluation’s goal is to ascertain whether your work experience—obtained in Australia or abroad—is at the proper skill level and pertinent to your chosen vocation.

A favourable appraisal of credentials and employment is necessary for a successful skills assessment for immigration-related purposes. The following are the stages involved in applying for the Skills Assessment of General Professional Occupations:

Step 1

Select the occupation you want your talents to be evaluated against. Then choose the visa’s intended use. Ensure that your profession is on the Australian government’s list of Skilled Occupations. You must check the skilled occupation list before requesting a skills assessment because jobs may be removed from the Short-term Skilled Occupation List (STSOL), Medium and Long-Term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL), or Regional Occupation List (ROL) by the Australian government.

Step 2

Log on to the government website and input the ANZSCO code for your chosen occupation to learn more about the ANZSCO description of that profession.

Step 3

For further information on the VETASSESS evaluation criteria for your selected occupation, please see Nominate an Occupation if VETASSESS is the designated assessing authority for that occupation. 

Step 4

Register to apply or to continue the evaluation.

Step 5

Complete the online application by clicking Apply or Track Application. Please submit colour-scanned high-quality necessary documents mentioned on the vetassess skill assessment checklist while submitting your online application. 

Each document must be a high-resolution colour scan of the original. If the papers weren’t delivered in English, you must offer certified translations into English together with images of the original documents in those other languages.

  • Photograph:

A current colour passport-sized photo is required. Self-taken photographs are not permitted; the image must have been taken six months prior and be of decent quality.

  • Evidence of identity:

You must present at least one primary document type and two more from the list below as identification verification.

At least one primary document from the list below:

1. Bio page in a passport

2. Birth registration

3. National Identification

4. Driving permit

5. Social Security Number

6. A marriage licence

7. A student ID card

8. Australian visa

  • Evidence of a name change for qualification:

To resolve any naming discrepancies in the submitted papers, proof of a name change, if appropriate, must be given. It serves as evidence of your identification.

  • Employment information:

Your certificate of qualification, along with your academic records, serves as qualification evidence. You must provide the necessary employment documentation for each job specified in your formal skills assessment application.

  • Providing an Affidavit or Statutory Declaration:

The statutory declaration (or equivalent legal document) must be correctly signed by the relevant legal professional(s) in the country of origin for VETASSESS to take its contents into account when evaluating a candidate’s skills. Applicants must obtain the appropriate legal counsel to comprehend how this is accomplished in the country.

  • Curriculum vitae/resume:

You must provide a CV if you ask for a formal skills assessment because it can help with the evaluation. In your own words, you can summarise your academic achievements (including the main topic of your studies and any significant projects you completed as part of course requirements) and your employment/career history in a resume or CV.

Step 6

Your application will be assigned to an assessment officer and contacted electronically if any extra paperwork is needed.

Step 7

Once your skills assessment application is complete, you can read and download your skills assessment outcome letter from the online portal. You will receive the outcome letter in a physical copy if you specify otherwise in the postage payment section of your application.

Vetassess processing time in 2023 is 12 to 14 weeks. However, some candidates can ask for priority consideration. VETASSESS will handle your application if it is eligible for priority processing in 10 business days. The vetassess skills assessment fee is AUD880.

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Criteria for Priority Processing

You must have all the necessary paperwork ready when requesting priority processing (such as certification and employment documents). VETASSESS won’t be able to finish priority processing if your qualification needs in-house evaluation. The same goes for your employment documentation; VETASSESS must confirm your employment claims within ten business days, so they must be sufficient.

The fee for priority processing is AUD1628. However, the good news is that you’ll have your evaluation in 10 business days.

Wrapping Up 

In conclusion, the VETASSESS Skills Assessment considers job and qualification relevance into account for the designated occupation. The qualification/s assessment evaluates the qualification’s overall educational level in Australian terms and the applicability of the major field of study. For 485 visa reasons, only a qualification/s assessment is necessary. 

The substantial Australian authority for skills evaluation is VETASSESS. It has strong standing to have a strict screening process to weed out the top talent from across the globe to raise Australia’s workforce quality.

Contact a migration agent Perth if you have any queries regarding the VETASSESS test or need assistance beginning the assessment procedure.

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