Detailed Guide To Second Year Working Holiday Visa Australia

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Detailed Guide To Second Year Working Holiday Visa Australia

Australia is the dream destination for professionals and tourists alike. The country with its diverse landscape and culture is an interesting place to reside in. Most people who are here on a working holiday end up extending their stay. If you want to do the same, we have a detailed guide to help you. Read on to know all about the second year Working Holiday Visa 417 below;

Working Holiday Visa Australia 417

What Is A Second Year Working Holiday Visa?

Suppose you are sent on a business/pleasure trip to Australia with your family. It is a vacation where you will be working on the side. Maybe crack a few deals, meet with a few investors but mostly soak up the sun and the sand here! Working holidays give you the best of both worlds and are a win-win situation for everyone involved. In some cases, the person on a visa subclass 417 might want to stay a bit longer. This is where the second year working holiday visa comes into play. This process has several subclasses and categories that you can read about online. 
In the first year of the stay, the applicant has to complete specific work under the Subclass 417 to be eligible for a second-year extension. Also, the officers would perform a medical and physical examination of the candidate to ensure that they meet the health requirements stated.

Who’s Eligible For The Second Year Visa?

There are two kinds of working visa applications. One being the subclass 417 that is accessible to people from Tasmania, Southern Australia and some areas of the Northern territory. For the working holiday visa, the applicant has to be in-between 18-30 years. People from Canada, France, and Ireland have an extended 5 years. The applicants must have a valid passport with a 6-month validity before renewal. Your income levels and criminal records are also checked to ensure that you can sustain yourself in the country legally.

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The 462 visa holders are those who are required to complete three months of work specified under the Working Holiday Visa 462. One of the most important requirements that you must fulfill is to complete the listed working hours in a specific region of Australia. Eligible candidates for subclass 462 are required to complete about 3 months or 88 days of work as listed in the regulations in a specific section of Australia during the first year of their stay.

How to Get The Working Holiday Visa?

The specified work and specific regions that we’d mentioned earlier might seem a bit vague to readers who are not familiar with the regulations. Well, let us shun some light on these aspects then. The specific work listed under 417 visa Australia is related to the agriculture and harvesting sector. You can even work in other industries like mining, fishery, and forestry to be eligible for the visa.
Every state in Australia has its specific state code and address. You can easily identify the area via its code. Tasmania, South Australia and surrounding states usually count as regional Australia. The more populated areas like Perth are situated in the western part of Australia.
Now, there are some documents that you’d need to complete your visa application process. Consult the embassy and immigration officer about the details if you find any confusion. Listed below is a brief overview of the paperwork needed;
• Bank statements and transactions details pertaining to your working period here in Australia
• Payment slips and invoices
• Employment contract, offer letter and other documents related to work 
• Reference letters
• Tax returns and slips
• Employee deduction agreements

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These documents basically state your financial position and credibility of working in Australia. The average duration needed to process the application for the second year visa ranges from 1 to 26 weeks. It is therefore advised that you start your visa application process and submit it about 28 days prior to the first year visa’s expiration date. This would save you from some last-minute hassles and delays.

How Can An Immigration Agent Perth Help You With The Process?

Visa applications, renewals and other processes are quite complicated for first-time candidates. You need some professional assistance as well. With an immigration agent at your disposal, you are at a better place to understand the processing. The officer is available either online or in the embassy office. You can reach out the official website for some help as well to save on time. Here are some ways in which the officer helps you;

Accurate Information

Need help with your visa? You can check out the ISA Migrations and Education Consultants for help. Ensure that you approach the right sources for accurate information. Check only the official websites and always ask for licenses before you indulge in the giving out any personal details. The migration officer offers you help with the kind of documents needed to process your application. The information provided by them is accurate, updated and in accordance to your situation.

Accessible And Helpful

The Migration Agent Perth is accessible to every visa applicant. Plus, the support team is multi-lingual appealing to international travelers who are not familiar with English. You can either directly approach the officer at the embassy office or the airport as well. Other ways to reach out is drop in an email or give them a call. Someone from the immigration office will get back to you immediately. Arrange for a meeting, discuss your case and then ask about the possible solutions that you can explore. The officer even assists you with filling the visa application form, curating all the documents, get them attested and then registered properly.

The Bottom Line

Extending your stay in this beautiful country is now easier than ever! All you have to do is reach out to the proper sources, look out for the visa processing information and get your documents submitted accordingly. The entire process takes about less than a month and saves you the trouble of having to wait for hours at the office.

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