How to Convert a Visitor Visa to a Work Permit in Australia

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How to Convert a Visitor Visa to a Work Permit in Australia

You must apply for a visitor or tourist visa under class 600 if you intend to travel to Australia for tourism, business, or to see family. You must follow the law and regulations and maintain a reputation while visiting any foreign country.

A visitor visa permits you to grow with the Tourist Visa Subclass 600. Additionally, it enables you to take any course of not more than three months. One can also reconnect with old acquaintances, discover new locations, and learn more about another person’s culture and heritage. However, you can’t work in Australia while being on an Australian tourist visa 600.

But if you want to do a job, you can apply for another visitor visa with working rights or a working holiday visa.

Work in Australia on a Visitor Visa 600

Australian law does not allow you to look for work while visiting Australia on a visitor visa. Once you obtain a guest visa, you cannot extend, renew it or change its status to one of another kind, such as a working visa. You must apply for a new visiting visa to prolong your time spent in Australia as a visitor. The best approach for entering Australia is to obtain a tourist visa lawfully. You must stay in Australia for a specific period, which might be between three and twelve months. You may acquire more in-depth information about Australia’s way of life, working culture, and educational system.

You must contact an immigration agent in Adelaide to know more about visa 600 extension and work permit while holding a visitor visa. He will help you to get working rights or convert your tourist visa to a working visa in the best possible ways.

Visitor Visa Extension

The status of a visitor visa cannot be changed to another type, such as a working visa, nor can it be renewed once it has been issued. You must apply for a new visitor visa to prolong your time in Australia as a visitor.

You must demonstrate that you have enough money for each application and that your stay in Australia is temporary. You cannot apply for a new visa if your visiting visa has the restriction “No further stay.”

Obtaining a Work Permit

A work visa is necessary to accept a job offer that permits the candidate to work for an Australian employer. Applying for a working (holiday) visa is typically a simple process if you are eligible for the Working Holiday Visa Programme, which is only open to passport holders of specific countries.

For those who qualify, coming first on a visitor visa subclass 600 and then applying for a working holiday visa (WHV) and using it to start working right away may be the best course of action.

However, most of those interested in working in Australia do not match the requirements for the WHV. You have another option to go for a work visa in Australia to be eligible for a job.

Many people have the choice of skilled immigration or employer-sponsored visas. Even if they are sometimes the most expensive option, most people still think of getting student visas.

Following are the visa options available to you:

General Skilled Migration

You must get to some stage to receive an invitation to apply for a visa to fulfil the conditions for skilled migration. Recently, you need 65 points to receive an invitation due to the recent sharp decline in many invitations.

You must have achieved a specific score on an approved English exam, passed a skills assessment, been a certain age, worked in a given occupation, etc. Before submitting your information online on SkillSelect.

It may take months or even years for applicants for skilled migration to fulfil prerequisites, pass skills evaluations, and obtain the necessary score on English exams. They may be away from their home and loved ones for a considerable time.

Employer-Sponsored Visa

For Australian firms that can’t search for a suitable Australian worker within Australia, the Employer-sponsored working visa is a way to get a skilled person from outside Australia. If employers indicate they are willing to sponsor an overseas worker, they may be contacted directly. Please be aware that the worker’s employer must also satisfy the visa criteria.


Australia is a country where natural beauty attracts tourists with chances to work and lead fulfilling lives. Millions of people around the world are drawn to Australia by its bustling cities, high job rates, breathtaking natural beauty, and many more attractions.

But to migrate to Australia, you must hold a valid visa that allows you to stay there. A visitor visa subclass 600 can be a way by which you can travel to Australia for the short term. But it does not carry working rights. That is why, if you want to work in Australia, you must apply for a work permit, and to work while visiting, you can go for a working holiday visa.

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