Short Stay Specialist Visa: Your Key to Temporary Work Opportunities and Short Stay

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Short Stay Specialist Visa: Your Key to Temporary Work Opportunities and Short Stay

The subclass 400 visa allows an applicant to visit Australia and remain there for up to 6 months for short-term, non-ongoing projects. We also know it as a short-stay visa. It is permissible to sign up for more than one short-term stay during 12 months as long as the total length of those visits does not exceed six months. 

Short Stay Specialist Visa Your Key to Temporary Work Opportunities and Short Stay

You may apply for this visa 400 under the Highly Specialized Work Stream if it is possible to show that the applicant has highly specialised knowledge, skills, or experience that can benefit an Australian company. You can’t obtain the experience through the local labour market. Where the Highly Specialized stream is not applicable, You can lodge the visa application under Australia’s Interest stream. The applicant must possess the knowledge, skills, or expertise that Australia needs owing to compelling circumstances of vital national interest.

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Australia visa 400 requirements

To be eligible for an Australian visa subclass 400, you must comply with the following requirements- 

  • Possess specialised knowledge and abilities that are unavailable in Australia
  • You must be able to sustain yourself and your family member who travels to Australia with you because your employees will require a brief period to complete tasks irregularly.
  • Before this visa can be issued, you must not owe any money to the Australian government or have made plans to settle any obligations you may have.
  • Satisfy the prescribed health criteria. Whatever health exams you need will depend on your particular situation, including your duration of stay, citizenship, time spent abroad in the previous five years, and whether or not your anticipated activities in Australia would meet specific character requirements.

Additional standards

You may need to demonstrate that you meet the following additional requirements, depending on the stream in which you apply for a subclass 400 visa in Australia:

Specialized Workstream of High Level

Your work is temporary and won’t harm the employment or training of Australians. Due to their extreme specialisation, your skills aren’t likely to be in demand in the Australian labour market. You meet or will be eligible to meet, any registration or licencing requirements to work in your nominated position.

The interest stream for Australia

You must provide evidence of the compelling factors affecting Australia’s interests.

Responsibilities of Holders of a 400 Visa Subclass

  • You and your family member must abide by all visa requirements and Australian regulations.
  • You may only engage in the activities or work for which your visa was issued. You must submit a new application for this visa if you wish to:
  • take part in one or more of the additional activities you indicated in your application
  • work for a company not included among those you mentioned in your application
  • In Australia, you are responsible for covering all medical expenses.

Process of Lodging a subclass 400 visa application

  • The applicant must ensure they have a valid passport and other necessary documents such as:
  • Proof of working while in Australia if you want a 400 visa. You may provide a letter of invitation, a job offer, an employment contract, or any other document that details the duration of your employment, the nature of your work, your motivation for working in Australia, etc.
  • Evidence of the resources necessary to support your family in Australia. Bank statements and job contracts are acceptable submissions.
  • Demonstration of the abilities required for the job being applied for. You may provide an international employer with a letter outlining your responsibilities and current position or your curriculum vitae, licences, and qualifications.
  • The Department of Home Affairs will require character evidence.
  • If you have a job offer, your business must show the demand for competence and that Australian citizens and permanent residents won’t have passed over for the post.
  • Other documents are required if you include a family member in this visa application, like proof of relationship, statutory declaration, character documents, etc.

Before submitting a subclass 400 visa application if not, it is advisable to get one.

  • The collection of pertinent evidence is the next phase. Evidence should include the facts that support the application for the particular visa requirements. You must seek guidance from visa specialists or immigration agents for more details on eligibility, visa procedure, and other criteria.
  • The Department should receive the completed visa application with the necessary fees. With the subclass 400 form, the current application fee is AUD 310.
  • Upon fulfilment of the visa application form, the Department tells the applicant of their decision via registered mail. Consult one of our 400 visa Australia consultants or immigration officers to complete the application forms correctly and quickly. Our qualified immigration and visa experts are skilled at advising clients based on their eligibility and migration circumstances and offering all the support needed to achieve positive visa processing.
  • Nevertheless, there is no extension provision for a category visa 400. The applicant will have to go back and reapply for a different visa category if they want to stay in Australia.

Processing time

For 75% of applications, the average 400 visa processing time is one month (approx.)

90% of applications take two to three months to process (approx.)

Subclass 400 processing periods can fluctuate depending on the applicant’s profile and migration needs. The time spent processing can take longer if

  • The application form filled out contains errors.
  • The applicant doesn’t submit all the required paperwork for the requested visa.
  • The Department needs further data.

You can learn more about the 400 visa application procedure and qualifying conditions by contacting an expert migration agent at E-Help. A temporary visa category often has a less rigorous verification process than a permanent visa. The Department may request further data from the applicant or outside organisations.

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The  can be a solution if you are an Australian firm looking for highly skilled foreign workers for a short period (three to six months). Employers who would otherwise find it critical to find the skilled labour they require locally will benefit from this visa. Additionally, it enables qualified individuals to act in Australia’s best interests.

In contrast to other visas that take longer to process, those who qualify can enter the nation and begin working quickly.

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