2023 guide: step-by-step process for extending your student visa in Australia

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2023 guide: step-by-step process for extending your student visa in Australia

An international student willing to study in Australia must hold a valid student visa till his stay. Many times it happens that your student visa expires before the completion of your academic course. In that case, you must have thought that a student visa in Australia would be extended.

Are there other options for extending my student visa if I’m an overseas student studying in Australia? It’s not feasible. You can’t apply for your student visa extension in Australia.

You may need to extend your student visa to finish your programme. ISA Migrations is a reputable international education and migration consulting company with visa consultants Perth, Australia. Our main objective is to support and advise prospective international students who want to study in Australia. For individuals who wish to immigrate to Australia, travel there, or work there, we also offer assistance and visa services. It contains migration and education specialists having years of experience in the field, ensuring that all the information and services we provide are correct, reliable, and customised to meet the needs of our clients.

Grounds for requesting a student visa extension

For various reasons, current international students studying at any Australian university or institution may need to apply for a student visa renewal. Depending on the situation, each student’s causes may be different. The following is a list of circumstances that can need international students to extend their visas:

  • Due to failed subjects in your final study period, a Leave of Absence, or a Reduced Study Load, your current visa will expire before you finish your course.
  • You have started a new course.
  • You have extended your graduate research candidature.
  • Your visa will expire before your graduate research thesis can be marked, even though you have submitted it for review.
  • The Department of Home Affairs administratively revoked your first visa.

New Visa updates

In Australia right now, student visas are not automatically extended. One must, however, look for a way to lawfully stay in the country if they need to prolong their visa 500 because they can’t leave the country at the moment or because their course has been extended. There are two possibilities to think about in this circumstance:

  • One may reapply for a student visa 
  • or submit a visa application for subclass 600 (visitor visa).

Student visa extension request

While studying in Australia, there are three primary circumstances for a student visa to extend Australia. They are listed below:

Step 1:  Request a fresh CoE

Get a Confirmation of Enrollment (CoE) for the course you are presently enrolled in and any further courses you intend to attend.

You must inform the government and immigration authorities of the length of your visa. Before getting a new student visa, ensure your current CoE is valid. Likely, the time you require to complete your academic course of study is covered by your subclass 500. You should check your student email to find the newest version of your CoE.

You must apply for an extended CoE if this is too short of an ending. When you submit an application for an Australian student visa extension, you must allow enough time for the academic division to process and return it to you.

Step 2: Extend OHSC

Applicants must make sure to extend their OHSC for it to coincide with the timeframe for applying for a visa. Knowing the course finish date allows you to enhance your overseas student health insurance (OSHC). Either you extend the OSHC, or we help purchase fresh OSHC insurance. Save your OSHC insurance number since we need it to apply for your visa.

Step 3: Assemble all the documents required for the extension

Keep track of the paperwork to extend your student visa in Australia. Check the Documents needed to apply for a student visa in Australia. Time to get your visa application ready! You must prepare the following paperwork:

  • Passport
  • National identification card
  • Documents for a dependent (If you are going to include your dependent in the student visa)
  • English language test results
  • Provide a personal statement to fulfil the GTE requirement
  • Proof that you have the resources necessary for your stay

Step 4: Genuine temporary entrant (GTE)

Your GTE is a crucial component for extending a student visa in Australia. You must include the following information in the statement:

  • The goal of the Study
  • the length of your studies
  • Family earnings
  • reasons to relocate back home
  • student loans

In addition to the GTE statement you submit, the Immigration Office will consider your overall situation. We will assess how well you followed the deadlines for student visas. The declaration must be an official letter. Start writing your purpose of stay and the other information listed above after a formal introduction.

Step 5: Biometric

After submitting an extension application, applicants may prompt for biometric information. The immigration authorities will inform you via mail and your ImmiAccount. You have 14 days to supply biometrics, so you must take action as soon as you receive the letter and instructions.

Step 6: Health examination

 All candidates for an extension of a student visa in Australia must undergo a health examination. It is made possible by a HAP Id created for each candidate on ImmiPortal, which must be presented where the health examination is conducted. The Home Affairs Agency receives the medical reports directly.

Step 7: Possession of a valid visa for his legal stay in Australia

Make sure to apply for the visa before departing for Australia (either request a new one if eligible or request an extension). Bridging visa holders would also be permitted entry into Australia. The BVA begins as soon as your present visa expires and enables you to remain in Australia while the new visa 500 is processed. Travelling while holding a BVA will remove your ability to return, so please take care not to do so. Moreover, keep in mind that you don’t revoke your current visa.

Step 8: Submit a visa extension application

Submit a filled application for an extension of a student visa to Australia and keep an eye out for new information. Avoid these mistakes to prevent having your Australian student visa denied. Go to your ImmiAccount, upload all the necessary paperwork, and submit your application. You will pay AU$ 620 for this.

The Home Office will send you an acknowledgment letter with your Bridging Visa. If your visa application is denied, don’t panic. A case officer may occasionally require extra details. You may use our immigration professionals to appeal the judgement if the department has rejected your visa extension.

Summing up

It is essential to ensure your student visa is still valid while you are a student from overseas studying in Australia.

In Australia, it can be challenging to renew a student visa. But with the preparation and information, the process can be straightforward. You can use it to understand each stage of the Australian student visa extension process.  These steps include obtaining a COE, extending an OHSC, gathering documentation, completing biometric procedures, meeting health requirements, maintaining current status, and applying for a new student visa by paying student visa extension fees.

Contact us to know how ISA migrations can assist you with your student visa application or locating your ideal degree at your favourite university. You can contact our Education Agent Perth or visit the Department of Home Affairs official site of the Australian government if you have any queries or concerns.

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