The Ultimate Guide for International Students Moving to Australia: Your Go-To Guide

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The Ultimate Guide for International Students Moving to Australia: Your Go-To Guide

An enticing step towards a promising future is deciding to study in Australia. You must know certain matters before moving on. You’ll need a student visa, more precisely, the Student visa (subclass 500), which is one of the essential items.

You can visit Australia on a visitor visa 600, but it allows a maximum of three months of study. You can live, work, and study in Australia for up to five years, depending on your programme, with the Student Visa Subclass 500.

On this visa, you are usually allowed to work a certain amount of hours during study breaks and a maximum of 40 hours per fortnight during term time. The Australian government temporarily enables students to work in all industries for more than the usual 40 hours per fortnight. Students can start working as soon as they arrive in Australia; they are not required to wait until their studies begin. Migration Agent Perth is a professional body expert in immigration laws who will guide you at each step. 

Things an International Student Must Consider for Immigration to Perth

Australia’s Education System for International Students

Australia has the third-highest percentage of overseas students worldwide. The structure and rigour of Australia’s national quality assurance system are unmatched. The government established the Australian Quality Training Framework to improve the quality assurance procedures in education.

Australia Admissions Exams for Students 

If you want to pursue a Master’s or a Bachelor’s degree in Australia, you must take and pass one of the recognised English language exams. You may need to pass extra entry exams in addition to the English exam. The minimum score essential to be accepted varies depending on the degree of study you wish to pursue in Australia, the university you want to attend, and your place of citizenship.

Health Insurance for International Students in Australia (OSHC)

International students who wish to study in Australia must have health insurance coverage for themselves and any family members who will be moving in with them. Additionally, numerous insurance firms provide health insurance for students from overseas in Australia. One of the substantial elements for receiving a student visa is a policy known as the Overseas Students Health Cover (OSHC). You must maintain active insurance for the duration of your visit to Australia. 

Australian Living and Education Costs

Before you start studying in Australia, you must be able to create a financial plan after receiving a letter of acceptance from your institution. The city you reside in, your lodging, commute/day, food preferences, internet and phone usage, study-related incidentals, and lifestyle decisions all affect how much it costs to live in Australia as a student.

Australia Student Visa For Students from Overseas

To study in Australia, international students must have a current student visa valid for the entire time of their programme. With the help of this Australia Student Visa Subclass 500, You can:

  • live in Australia under their enrolment for up to 5 years, 
  • take an appropriate course of study, 
  • bring family members to Australia, and
  • working up to 40 hours a week

 Australia’s eligibility requirements for student visas are as follows:

  • Enrol in a programme of study at a recognised institution of higher learning in Australia. Most of these scholarships are funded by the university and philanthropic individuals and organisations. However, some are funded by the government.
  • Meet the language requirements for English.
  • Have enough money set up to pay for your living expenses and college costs
  • Have sufficient health coverage for the duration of your stay and satisfy the character and fitness standards
  • Authenticate Your Temporary Entry 

Scholarships for Australian Universities

There are numerous fellowships, scholarships, and other financial aid options available in Australia for international students who choose to pursue their studies there. You can speak with your Education consultant in Perth to learn more about scholarships for studying in Australia and submit applications for all the opportunities you qualify for. With the help of these scholarships, the cost of studying in Australia can be significantly reduced. 

Immigrating with Your Family to Australia

You are welcome to bring your family with you to Australia if you want them to. They must submit a guest visa (subclass 600) application, or you can include a list of everyone on your first visa application. If you are under the age of 18, your parents or guardians will need to apply for a Student Guardian 590 visa in Australia. This might be your dependents, such as your children and spouse.


Australia is an incredibly diverse country with warm people who lead relaxed lives. Additionally, Australia has a top-notch educational system and living standards. Studying in Australia is a great deal, as the country has some of the highest living standards in the world. Australia has much cheaper living expenses and tuition costs than other nations.

An immigration agent Perth can assist you with all the visa applications, college admissions, scholarship programs, and other aspects. 


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