Why Does a Professional Year Program Make it Easier to Migrate?

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Why Does a Professional Year Program Make it Easier to Migrate?

A Professional Year Program is an organized professional development program that combines formal learning and workspace experience for overseas students who have graduated from an Australian university. PY Programs are valid for about a year, and this program is available for the fields of accounting, engineering and information technology.

These industries in Australia have a high demand for skilled graduates. Professional Year Programs are mostly designed for students who desire to apply for permanent residency in Australia. This program allows students to develop relevant skills in the industry via study and work experience. It prepares them for professional careers in the Australian work sector.

Why Does a Professional Year Program Make It Easier to Migrate

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You can pursue three courses under this program, namely Professional Year Engineering, Professional Year Accounting and Professional Year Informational Technology. The course is recognised by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) and is approved by the government.

The Advantages of the Professional Year (PY) Program

You need to know that the professional year program is only available in the streams of engineering, Information technology and accounting. Under this program, you can graduate with industry-related skills. This program will prepare you so that you will be ready for any job in the Australian market.

A very important thing regarding this program is it does not only make you job-ready, but it also gives you an extra 5 points that will help you receive permanent residency in Australia. Another benefit that the PYP offers is that companies can hire or sponsor items if they show good performance in the assigned tasks.

This program is very important for you to engage with people working in a relevant industry in Australia. Some other benefits of this program are-

  • You will be able to earn valuable work experience in an Australian firm with the help of an internship.
  • You can enhance your understanding of the Australian work culture and practices in the Australian workplace.
  • You will be eligible to get five extra points on the DIBP points test, but only when applying for a subclass 289 visa.

For the PYP program, you will need to have already completed a degree in accounting, engineering or information technology in Australia. You will also need to hold a skilled temporary graduate visa that will allow you to remain in Australia for about 18 months after completing your degree. To be eligible for the visa, you need to be not more than 50 years old.

You also need to have completed a degree in the last six months or at least have two years of study in Australia to acquire this visa. Your skills and occupation need to be present in Australia’s skilled occupation list. The engineering graduates who want to enrol in a Professional Year Engineering program should have finished their qualification in a reputed institute outside of Australia. They also need to apply for a subclass 476 visa.

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Why Does the PY Program Make It Easier for Accountants and IT Professionals to Migrate?

There are different ways in which a professional year program can boost your migration process in Australia; some of them are:

  • The professional year program allows a lot of scope for your professional and personal development. It starts with improving your communication skills to improving your confidence with different work experiences. This program has every element that can prepare you for a job in the Australian work sector.
  • Another advantage of this internship program is that if you perform well on the assigned tasks, the host company could hire or sponsor you for different works or projects.
  • Under this course, whether it is a professional year accounting or professional year information technology, you can mingle with different leaders and industry professionals. It can set up new opportunities for you to grow in your relevant field and expand your chances of employment.
  • Completing this course can help you receive five extra migration points to get permanent residency in Australia, which can help you to get closer to your goal of living permanently in Australia.

work in Australia. With the various benefits it provides, you can use the acquired skills and knowledge to reach your final destination.

Two of the three courses under this program, namely the professional accounting year program and IT professional year program, can make it easier for IT professionals and accountants to migrate to Australia easily.

Accounting professional year program

  • The accounting professional year program, formerly known as SMIPA, is approved by the DHS and offered to overseas students with an Australian accounting degree. To get enrolled in the Accounting PYP, you also need a qualification minimum of two years.
  • This program provides a unique professional experience in a legitimate Australian workplace and ensures you complete your necessary accounting work. Under this course, the professional development and training focus on work culture, ethics, preparing for work, and expectations under this course.
  • This program includes a minimum of 44 weeks of training consisting of an eight-month classroom study and a 12-week internship placement. The course is recognized as a way to get permanent residency under GSM for those who hold 485 visa.
  • You could earn an additional GSM points test when completing the accounting professional year program. This program will put you ahead of other students who graduated from the same university as you when you complete this program. This is because you have work skills that are unknown to them.

You gain such skills with the help of real-time classrooms and internships. The main aim of the accounting professional year program is to develop skills that can help you to be employed in a relevant industry.

IT professional year program

The IT professional program is an initiative of the Department of Home Affairs created for graduates with an IT degree in Australia. The Professional Year program in Informational Technology provides such graduates with a pathway to employment in Australia.

The program consists of a 44-week course that has two stages, one is a face-to-face class stage, and the other is an internship. The first stage of the Informational Technology PYP includes subjects that need 84 weeks to complete. It is made to provide you with the communication skills and knowledge required in an Australian workplace.

The second and final stage of this program is one of the most exciting parts. Here, you will put your knowledge and skills to the test and add IT experience to your CV. The Informational Technology Professional Year Program will provide you with a 12-week professional internship organized by IT experts.

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Do You Want to Know More About This Program from Immigration Perth

If you have any doubts regarding any course of the professional year program, you can take the help of any Education Consultant Perth. Due to their experience, they can provide you with all the details regarding the professional year program. You can also know the fees and documents required to participate in the program.

If you are looking for registered migration agents Perth, you could contact ISA Migrations. They will give you all the information about the visas you need to stay in Australia and participate in the Professional year program.

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