Work and Holiday Visa Australia: The Complete Guide

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Work and Holiday Visa Australia: The Complete Guide

You must have sufficient funds to support your stay when you plan a trip to Australia. If you hold a working holiday visa, it will allow you to travel and work simultaneously in Australia. It sounds fantastic to be able to travel while earning money.

Travelling on a working holiday visa 417 is suitable for those who want to stay in Australia for an eternity. If you experience something in the nation, you must have a reasonable sum of money and the time of your life.

Working Holiday Visa for Australia

Travellers who want to visit, work, or study in Australia may apply for a temporary visa known as the Working Holiday Visa (subclass 417). People between 18 and 30 are eligible for the Australian Working Holiday Visa, which regrettably has an age restriction. To travel to Australia for a vacation while working there to help pay for their trip, you also need a passport that qualifies for a working holiday visa. Please be aware that the Australia Working Holiday Visa (WHV) has a 12-month maximum validity period. You can extend your WHV for Australia by applying for a second working holiday visa. 

But before applying, you must satisfy the eligibility criteria for visa subclass 417 mentioned below:

  • be a young adult (18-30 years old). 
  • The passport must be current and at least six months from expiration.
  • Possess enough money to support yourself.
  • You Can’t go to Australia with a dependent child at any time.
  • You must be outside Australia when you apply for and receive the visa.
  • Have no significant criminal convictions.
  • Not suffer from any severe medical conditions.

Types of Available Jobs


The majority of WHV passengers work in a pub, restaurant or cafe. It is a simple form of employment to take on and leave.


To work on any site, you must have a white card. However, there is a tonne of employment in this field.


Backpackers can pick up office work quickly, and it pays well.


If you have experience in recruiting, Australia has a thriving job market for you.

Regional Employment

Getting a second-year visa doesn’t require working exclusively in the region. Since different areas have distinct seasons, a range of employment is available all year. Regional work is frequently well-paying.

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The Process of Applying For an Australian Working Holiday Visa

The online application process is the primary advantage of the 417 Visa Australia. As a result, you are not required to visit the local Australian Embassy or Consulate. Ensure you have a reliable internet connection, enough time, and electronic versions of all the necessary documents.

Step 1: You must sign up an ImmiAccount to save your application. Additionally, you can make adjustments whenever you wish.

Step 2: You must decide to launch a new application. You will get a list of the many types of visas you can apply for after choosing to start a new application. Pick the “Working Holiday Visa” bottom tab from this list. 

Step 3: You must choose the first option when requesting your first Working Holiday Visa. However, you must pick the second or third option when it is not your first Working Holiday Visa. 

Step 4: You must upload your essential documents. However, before beginning the online application procedure, ensure you have your paperwork in electronic format.

Step 5: Your application must be submitted as a final step. You must double-check your information before submitting it, as I nearly did when I neglected to do so.

Step 6: The processing time for an working holiday visa subclass 417 is approximately 90 days. To discover if there is a problem with your application, contact Australian Immigration if it takes longer than expected.

Step 7: The Australian embassy will inform you when you can begin your medical examination after you receive notification that your Working Holiday Visa has been processed. Additionally, they will let you know if any information or papers are still needed.

Australian Working Holiday Visa Cost

The best thing about the working holiday visa programme is that you can recoup your travel expenses. The Australian work visa application fee is AUD 440 with your airfare. If you submit a paper application rather than apply online, Australian Immigration will charge you an additional fee of AUD 80. Use your Immi Account to submit your application online to save trees and money.

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Immersing yourself in the culture and travelling as the locals do is the finest way to experience a new place. Get a job so you may experience a different side of Australia while also funding your travels. An Australian skilled worker visa may not be available to you if you’re young and inexperienced in the industry. Fortunately, the Australian working holiday visa will get you on an aircraft to Australia.

The Australian working vacation visa objective is to strengthen links with other nations and promote cultural interchange inside Australia. Holders with working holiday visas can travel and work in Australia for up to a year. For tailored assistance, consider partnering with an immigration consultant Adelaide, ensuring accurate guidance throughout the visa journey.

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