How Much Does It Cost of Living in Belarus?

Cost of living in Belarus

Cost of living in Belarus

The cost of living in Belarus is low in comparison to other European nations such as Switzerland or Norway. The cost of living in here for international student is affordable and the price for utilities such as water, electricity and garbage ranges from thirty-four dollars to fifty-five dollars.

The local calls from mobile phones is cheap too and so is the internet connection. It has an infinite data and speed of 6 Mbps. A meal at a less costly restaurant is for ten dollars. A three-course meal for two people is around thirty-seven dollars.

The cost of living in Belarus with respect to the gasoline costs is quite affordable too. Its price range is from .85 dollars to one dollar per liter. A one-way ticket costs around .23 dollars. To know more about the cost of living in Belarus, you may contact us.

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