Cost of Living in Czech Republic

The cost of living in Czech Republic differs by various regions. The students who want placement in the Czech Republic need to visit the websites in order to have an idea of the prices for the daily products.

  • The Czech Republic has the finest and efficient public transportation system in the entire world.
  • The trams, metros and trains are usually neat and clean.
  • They are the quickest and simplest modes of transportation in the country.
  • Food is cheaper to purchase in the supermarkets in comparison to the small shops.
  • The cost of living in the Czech Republic is on an average comparable with the Central and East European nations.
  • Most of the higher education institutions in the Czech Republic have got its own dormitories.
  • The cost of living in Czech Republic is low in comparison to the other west European nations.
  • Prague is less costly.
  • A meal in a restaurant will be around six Euros.

Several of the restaurants provide lunchtime menus that are around three Euros. The canteens at the universities provide affordable options. You may contact us to know more about the cost of living in Czech Republic.

Work and study in Czech Republic

  • For those who want to work and study in Czech Republic, taking up a part time job will assist in paying of your bills and also fund the leisure activities and travel.
  • There are several jobs provided at the restaurants, bars and cafes that are there in the cities and towns and it is the simplest means to find employment.
  • There are some chances for you to find a job with relative ease.
  • You can work as a waiter, bar staff or in the kitchen and that depends on your skills and experience.
  • There are some jobs that need nice communication skills.
  • It means you will be able to find a job at a restaurant and that is a great chance for an international student.
  • This job chance will assist you in developing the people skills and enhance your language and meet new friends.
  • Working on the campus is one of the famous options for the international students.
  • There are several varied jobs provided on the campus like working in the cafeteria, computer centers.
  • This is a nice chance to get involved in the most recent problems and also to assist the other students in the university.
  • You can help the other international students and make their experiences at the university much better.
  • Working on the campus will assist you in meeting new people and enhance your language skills to a great extent.
  • You can spend precious time with your friends from the university as several of the students work on the campus.
  • Some of the international students may find employment at call centers. This is a nice option for those who are good in communication skills and wish to enhance their language skills.
  • There are chances that you may find internship with a company that has relevance to your study field.

There are so many opportunities for volunteering for the international students who want to get some experience and meet new people. You may contact us to know more about the working and studying prospects in the Czech Republic. To work and study in the Czech Republic is challenging and easy and requires some of the basic skills of the students who have come to study in the Czech Republic.

Study in Czech Republic

  • The Czech Republic education system is the finest in the whole world.
  • The Czech higher education institutions provide a wide range of study programs that are taught in English and other foreign languages that are meant for the international students.
  • There are more than thirty thousand international students who want to study in Czech Republic as a part of the exchange program.
  • When you take a decision to study in Czech Republic, you can benefit from its best location in central Europe.
  • You can visit other parts of Europe without requiring any visas and earn a degree.
  • To study a bilingual program is a nice opportunity for you to master more than one language.
  • You may compare the various study program based on their language of instruction.
  • Most of the programs are taught in the English language. Some of the others are in bilingual English and an extra language.
  • The program you like the best is taught in English.

There are some of the institutions that provide full support to the international students so that they learn the language and pass their studies with great success. You may contact us to know more about the programmes to study in Czech Republic.

Education system in Czech Republic

  • The higher professional schools provide professional tertiary education. The schools that provide this kind of education are associated with the professional high schools.
  • The students have to take the final examinations.
  • The higher education system in Czech Republic comprises of state, public and private universities.
  • The study at public universities is infinite and free.
  • The quality of education in the state and public universities is higher than the private ones.
  • The bachelor degree programs are for only three years. The students need to pass the final examination.
  • For the Master’s program, a Bachelor degree is needed.

For the doctor study program, a master degree is needed. This progamme does not possess any education programme. They are equal to the master degree education. To be more aware regarding the education system in Czech Republic you may contact us.

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