Education System in Czech Republic

The higher education has the highest level of the Czech education system. The central governing body for education is the Ministry of education. The three tier structure system is used in the higher education system that is Bachelor's, Master's and Doctoral study programmes.

  • The higher education system in Czech Republic provides accredited degree programmes at three levels that is Bachelor's, Master's and Doctoral.
  • There are also lifelong learning courses in the Czech Republic.
  • The higher educational institutions may be university or non-university kinds.
  • The conventional university type institutions provide all kinds of degree programmes.
  • The non-university institutions usually provide the Bachelor's degree programmes.
  • The duration of the Bachelor's degree programmes are from three to four years and they comprise of the first level of higher education.
  • The study programme has to be finished with a final state exam.
  • The graduates who are successful can get into the labour market or pursue their studies in the various Masters programmes in the associated areas.
  • The master degree programmes may follow from Bachelor's programmes or they may comprise of full programmes that are from four to six years.

The various programmes lay emphasis on the usage of theoretical awareness and also development of talent and innovativeness. You may contact us to know more about the education system in Czech Republic.

Study in Czech Republic

  • There are twenty-six publics, two state and forty-one higher education institutions in the Czech Republic. The private and public higher education institutions fall under the Education Ministry.
  • The Czech higher education will be affordable for you.
  • There are many courses taught in the English language or in another foreign language.
  • The higher education at public and state institutions is absolutely free of charge in the Czech Republic.
  • The process of recognition of university education is known as recognition of foreign higher qualification and education in the Czech Republic. The documentation of completed university education is known as the diploma.
  • You need to opt for the appropriate study programme that is suitable for yourself.
  • You may opt from a number of study progammes in foreign languages from humanities and art studies to medicine and technology programmes.
  • You may study in English but some of the Czech language skills always prove to be of great help. You may contact us to know more about the programme to study in Czech Republic.

To study in Czech Republic is a great opportunity for the students to progress in their career and enhance their knowledge skills to a great extent.

Cost of living in Czech Republic

  • The cost of living in Czech Republic is reasonable.
  • The prices differ in accordance to the lifestyle, accommodation and also the spending habits.
  • Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic has got the highest salaries in the Czech Republic.
  • The inflation rate has been low in the Czech Republic.
  • A meal at a less costly restaurant is around 110 Czech Koruna.
  • The one-way ticket for local transport is 24 Koruna.

The cost of living in Czech Republic is reasonable and it will suit the pocket of the students. You may contact us regarding the cost of living in Czech Republic for international students.

Work and study in Czech Republic

  • The typical hourly rate for the student jobs is around 100 Czech Korunas for the administrative level of work.
  • You should consider the fact that your studies will need a specific amount of your time to work and study in Czech Republic.
  • The full time students from a non-European nation at a university registered with the Education Ministry has to be registered at the public employment office.
  • When you search for a job, you need to ask your professors. They might be searching for some individual help.
  • You may ask your friends and private students and it is the simplest way.
  • You may search for the job via the job portals.

There are some of the portals through which the foreign students may find interesting job offers and vacancies in the Czech Republic. You may contact us to know more about how to work and study in Czech Republic.

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