Work and Study in Czech Republic

Several of the higher education students opt to work part time during the time of their studies. Several students find summer work in the summer break from June to August. All the jobs in Czech Republic will need you to be able to speak in Czech in a fluent manner and you have to keep this in mind when searching for work.

  • In case you are a foreign student from nations except Switzerland, Iceland, Norway or any European Union nation, then you require a work permit.
  • You have to apply for a work permit to get any type of paid employment.
  • A work permit may be acquired from the local labour office and usually costs around CZK 500.
  • The work permit is there for one year and may be extended many time.
  • The work permit is valid for a particular employer and position as mentioned on the application or permit.
  • It does not provide you the liberty to work in a free way and alter the jobs.
  • A work permit may be provided if it does not impact the studies of the student.
  • It is feasible for the foreign students to work without a work permit.
  • In case you want to work in the Czech Republic as a student you would require to have an idea of where to search for work.
  • There are several job websites that provide a nice way to search for work.
  • There are some famous websites that list a wide range of positions that include part time and temporary work.
  • In case you like a job that is in accordance with your studies and can provide you some nice experience.

In the summer season, there are several bars and restaurants that search for additional staff and they place the ads on their doors and windows. You may contact us to know more about the chances of work and study in Czech Republic.

Study in Czech Republic

  • There are endless opportunities and experiences waiting for you when you opt to study abroad for a year.
  • Several people believe that studying abroad is about spending a whole academic year in some other nation.
  • You may study abroad for a semester or a year and it is totally up to you.
  • There are many semesters abroad programs that give you some memories and experiences as year long programs.
  • Opting to study abroad for a semester enables the student to view the world and provide an exciting opportunity to learn a new culture.
  • In case you do not speak the language of the nation, then it is a nice means to improve the language skills. There is a chance to make friends and have memories and experiences that are with you for a longer duration all through your life.
  • The study abroad programs appear nice on the resumes and it is a simple means to increase the job chances.
  • There are several varied programs for spending a semester abroad. The kind of program you opt for relies on your objectives. You may contact us to know more about the how to study in Czech Republic.

The college students have nice opportunities and accessibility to a variety of study abroad programs. You may study in Czech Republic and brighten up your career.

Education system in Czech Republic

  • Many students apply to the universities and the colleges in the Czech Republic.
  • There are some areas of studies like law, medicine, art in the higher education system in Czech Republic and these are so popular.
  • An ever increasing number of foreign students are excited to study in the Czech Republic.
  • The Czech colleges, universities and institutions are most popular for their fields of study and also high quality by students from all around the world.
  • The education system in Czech Republic has many levels and it enables the people to enhance their awareness for their entire life.
  • A very nice educational institution in Czech Republic is the Karlova university also known as the Charles university.
  • There are several private and public universities and colleges which prepare the professionals in several fields.
  • Most of the universities give education in several areas and they focus on some particular subjects.
  • Some of the interesting subjects are medicine, engineering, law and philosophy.
  • The applicants who wish to study these subjects are more than the number of students.

The universities are trying to enhance the number of places accessible from time to time. You may contact us to know more about the education system in Czech Republic.

Cost of living in Czech Republic

  • The food is affordable to purchase in the supermarkets in comparison to the small shops.
  • The cost of living in Czech Republic is low. The expenses will differ in accordance with the lifestyle.
  • The expenses of several services and goods in the Czech Republic are quite affordable.
  • The groceries are not costly in the Czech Republic.
  • The accommodation costs in Czech Republic will cost around 250 Euros per month.
  • One can eat for two or three Euros per meal in the canteen.
  • To travel in the Czech Republic is quite reasonable.
  • Prague is quite affordable in comparison to other European nations.
  • Staying in dormitory rooms is quite affordable in the Czech Republic.
  • The average monthly salary in Czech Republic is approximately 30 CZK.

The average cost of living for the students in Czech Republic is quite affordable. You may contact us anytime regarding the cost of living in Czech Republic for international students.

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