How Much Does It Cost of Living in Georgia?

Cost of living in Georgia

Cost of living in Georgia

The living cost in Georgia is affordable in comparison to other nations in the world. The level of prices is lower than the average for the world. Georgia is averagely priced in comparison to some other nations like Russia, Armenia and Azerbaijan.

  • Groceries cost around fifty Euros in Georgia.
  • The train, bus or taxis charges cost around 10 Euros in Georgia.
  • The gasoline price in Georgia is .77 Euros per liter and it is 19 percent less than the price all over the world of gasoline.

Nations with a high index than Georgia are costly and the other nations that have an index less than Georgia are quite affordable. Bus, train or taxi charges are also quite affordable to some extent. The living cost in Georgia is nominal and will suit the pockets of the students arriving here.

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