Living Cost in Georgia

The living cost in Georgia is affordable in comparison to other nations in the world. The level of prices is lower than the average for the world. Georgia is averagely priced in comparison to some other nations like Russia, Armenia and Azerbaijan.

  • Groceries cost around fifty Euros in Georgia.
  • The train, bus or taxes charges cost around 10 Euros in Georgia.
  • The gasoline price in Georgia is .77 Euros per liter and it is 19 percent less than the price all over the world of gasoline.
  • Georgia is highly affordable in comparison to the other nations.

Nations with a high index than Georgia are costly and the other nations that have an index less than Georgia are quite affordable. Bus, train or taxi charges are also quite affordable to some extent. The living cost in Georgia is nominal and will suit the pockets of the students arriving here.

Why study in Georgia?

Georgia is the finest nations to study. They have got great universities in Georgia that are recognized all over the world. The Georgian education standard is very high and is similar to Canada, United Kingdom and other European nations.

  • To study in Georgia is a significant aspect for international students who wish to continue quality education in any selected field of academic study.
  • You can get the admission letter for a particular course in just a few days.
  • The cost of living is economical in Georgia.
  • There are over 10000 international students studying in Georgia.

There is no requirement for IELTS. The students need to be able to understand and read English. The tuition fee is low. The hostel fee is low.

For more information regarding studying in Georgia, you may contact us.

Education in Georgia

  • Several of the institutions provide three study levels that is a Bachelor's program, a Master's program and a Doctoral program.
  • Bachelor's program is from three to four years, Master's program is for two years and Doctoral program is for three years.
  • There is a certified specialist's program that has got a single level higher education program that is from three to six years.

The higher education institutions are accredited by the education and science Ministry of Georgia. The primary enrollment ratio was 94 percent for the year 2001 to 2006. To know in detail, the education system in Georgia, you may contact us.

Work permit in Georgia

  • To get a work permit in Georgia is simpler that most of the teenagers.
  • Work permit is needed to work part-time at any company.
  • Youth aged at 16 and 17 do not need to get a work permit.
  • One can obtain a work permit online in Georgia.

The work permit in Georgia is for a particular job and employer. For more information about getting the work permit in Georgia, you may contact us.

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