Cost of Living in Portugal

The menu for lunch time will cost only nine Euros. The cost of living in Portugal is the lowest in Western Europe. There are several things in Portugal that are affordable in comparison to the northern European nations.

  • The food in Portugal is affordable as compared to the northern European nations.
  • Electricity may range from thirty Euros to ninety-five Euros.
  • Public transport is relatively reasonable.
  • Portugal is a great destination due to its affordable cost of living.
  • Portugal is considered to be affordable in comparison to the United Kingdom.
  • The public transport in Portugal is highly efficient and is highly affordable in many areas.
  • The cost of living in Portugal for international students differs depending on the area of Portugal you live in.
  • Portugal provides you a great way of life and has a fantastic value for money.
  • A great deal of items is affordable in Portugal in comparison to the United Kingdom.
  • The expenses for food, running a home and to move around in Portugal is affordable.

The healthcare system in Portugal comprises of the state run and privately run healthcare facilities. You may contact us to know more about the cost of living in Portugal.

Work and study in Portugal

  • The job market in Portugal depends on tourism and the service sector and now hires half of the working population.
  • Many of the graduate jobs are there in the bigger cities.
  • Some of the major sectors that provide employment are banks, telecom, retail and real estate.
  • There are seasonal jobs in tourism, catering and hotel, doctors in different areas of specialty.
  • There are IT professionals, computer engineers and call center managers.
  • The average working hours are forty hours per week and that is considered to be the maximum legally.
  • There are also work placement and internships in Portugal.
  • You can find English teaching jobs in Portugal if your English is nice.
  • Portugal is an affordable country that provides a reasonable tuition fees.
  • Portugal is an ideal destination for the students who wish to work and study in Portugal.

To work and study in Portugal will be the best thing for you. You may contact us to know more about the prospects of how to work and study in Portugal.

Study in Portugal

  • Portugal has got two kinds of universities - public and private.
  • The tuition fees are according to the regulations set by the Education Ministry.
  • The full time students enrolled for Bachelor and Master programmes pay an affordable tuition fees. The fees range from 950 and 1250 Euros per year.
  • There are a wide range of study programs in Portugal.
  • The universities can be the best type of institution for you.
  • You may earn a degree in Portugal that has got a vocational approach and that is your finest choice.
  • The universities in Portugal focus on theoretical education.
  • Polytechnics are the finest choice for the vocational studies.
  • The private higher education institutes have to operate after recognition by the education Ministry.
  • The courses that lead to the master's degree are provided after a period of three to four semesters.
  • The master's can be awarded after 10 or 12 semesters.
  • The doctor's degree is awarded by the university institutions.
  • If you want to qualify for admission to higher education you have to possess a high school diploma that is recognized by the embassy of Portugal.

The university programs in Portugal are reasonable. You may contact us to know more about how to study in Portugal.

Education system in Portugal

  • The education system in Portugal by the education Ministry.
  • The programmes provided by vocational schools and those of apprenticeship system and these are a special modality of school education.
  • The vocational system in Portugal is open and are a special modality of education.
  • The courses of initial qualification may be promoted by the schools.
  • The higher systems of education have got two systems - one is the university system and one is the polytechnic.
  • The admission to the state operated higher education level studies need secondary school credential.

The higher education institutions have got a unique admission processes for the international students which need some particular standards and regulations set by each course department. You may contact us anytime for the higher education system in Portugal.

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