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Portugal is a reputed tourist destination. Portugal has got amazing beaches and awesome climate. Portugal is a nation with a rich culture and marvelous history. Portugal is responsible for opening up Americas to the entire world. The nation of Portugal is a member of the European Union. It provides more than just tourism and it provides a higher quality of education.

  • Education plays a pivotal role if you want to study in Portugal.
  • Many international students have chosen Portugal as their study abroad destination.
  • The main language of instruction in Portugal is Portuguese.
  • To study in Portugal is a nice option.
  • Portugal is a well linked nation and provides you ample opportunities to explore the beauty of Europe while earning your degree in Portugal.
  • The study in Portugal for international students is meant for providing the students a broad range of study programs.
  • The universities may be the best kind of institution for you in Portugal.

In case you want to have a degree in Portugal, then the polytechnics degree will be your finest choice. You may contact us to know more about how to study in Portugal.

Education system in Portugal

The education system in Portugal has got three levels like basic, secondary and higher education.

Basic education is mandatory and free and has got three cycles. The first cycle is for four years, the second cycle is for two years and the third cycle is for three years.

The education system in Portugal is according to the European strategy for making the higher education modernized.

The higher education system in Portugal is on the basis of some competencies and also the structure for the first and second cycles of study. You may contact us to know more about the type of education system in Portugal.

Cost of living in Portugal

  • The cost of living in Portugal is affordable in comparison to other Western and North European nations.
  • The food, rent and primary goods and entertainment are highly reasonable in Portugal.
  • The cost of living in Portugal for students is low with regards to the supermarket prices for groceries.
  • You may also visit the traditional markets which are known to be quite affordable.
  • The costs of utilities in Portugal is low and you may rent an apartment for a long term in Portugal.
  • Moving about in Portugal is highly reasonable. The buses, trains and the metro systems link the main destinations.
  • Portugal operates low discount airline fares from Lisbon and other destinations.

Portugal is the jewel of southwest Europe and is highly affordable in many respects. You may contact us to know more about the cost of living in Portugal.

Work and study in Portugal

  • The job market in Portugal depends on tourism.
  • You may make use of different methods of recruitment like networking if you are searching for employment with small or medium sized companies.
  • The job market in Portugal depends on tourism. The service sector employs half the working population in Portugal.
  • There are great levels of graduate employment and competition from native graduates.
  • Many of the graduate jobs in Portugal are there in big cities.
  • The main industries in Portugal are tourism, business services, property, hotels and catering and you may land up in a job there.
  • If you want to work and study in Portugal, there are call centers and IT industries which can provide good jobs for you.

There are seasonal jobs in the tourism sector like in the hotel and catering sector if you want to work and study in Portugal. You may contact us to know more about the job scenario in Portugal.

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