Work and Study in Portugal

It is quite possible to find a nice job in Portugal. In case you search for a job in Portugal, you need to make yourself prepared by conducting research on the job market prior to setting some expectations for yourself.

  • The minimum wage in Portugal is around 530 Euros per month.
  • The tourism industry has many part-time and seasonal jobs.
  • The call center has also prospered to a great extent.
  • Employees in Portugal work for at least forty hours per week.
  • The full time employees get an annual leave of twenty-two days.
  • Employment contracts in Portugal is same as that of European nations with part time, fixed term and work contracts as the usual ways of employment.
  • If one is a non-European citizen, the you have to get a visa to work in Portugal.
  • Specialist jobs are being created in Portugal.
  • There are several multinational companies in Portugal where there are employment prospects. Some of the multinational companies are Nokia, Samsung and Nestle.

Your decision to work and study in Portugal brings some association to the nation and a part of a geographic space and culture. You may contact us to know more about the prospect of work and study in Portugal.

Study in Portugal

  • Portugal is a home to many reputed polytechnics.
  • The universities have a nice focus on academic research.
  • The polytechnics are more focused in preparing the students for a particular career path.
  • There are some subjects offered in universities or polytechnics.
  • The polytechnics and universities provide degrees in management, engineering and humanities subjects.
  • The universities in Portugal offer three levels of degree like bachelor's degree, master's degree and doctorate level degree.
  • The University of Lisbon has got forty-seven thousand students in eighteen faculties.
  • There is the University of Coimbra has got a great number of international students.
  • Portugal has got awesome universities with great reputation and an excellent track record.

Portugal give a warm welcome to the students and visitors from all around the world. When you study in Portugal, there are several opportunities for you to get access to. You may contact us to know more about how to study in Portugal.

Cost of living in Portugal

  • The cost of living in Portugal is low.
  • The price of groceries in Portugal is low.
  • Moving about in Portugal is less costly.
  • The cost of food in Portugal is quite affordable.
  • To rent an accommodation is easy and reasonable.
  • One liter of milk in Portugal costs around .60 Euros.
  • A loaf of bread costs around one Euro.
  • The monthly internet connection is twenty five Euros.
  • A three course meal at a restaurant costs around thirty Euros.

The cost of living in Portugal is affordable and will be suitable for the international students. You may contact us to enquire about the cost of living in Portugal for international students.

Education system in Portugal

  • The education system in Portugal is regulated by the Ministry of education.
  • The vocational training is a third stream of secondary education. The students may enroll for a three-year vocational certificate. These may include some skills in technical crafts.
  • The tertiary education is given by universities and polytechnics.
  • Portugal has got several excellent academic institutions.
  • The universities are organized into faculties, institutes and schools.
  • The public and private educational institutions are available at all the educational levels.
  • The higher education system in Portugal is blended with the European higher education area.
  • The higher education system in Portugal is modernized and is excellent.
  • Vocational secondary courses have got three components like scientific, socio-cultural.

The students who do the graduation from vocational institutions can pursue higher education. You may contact us to know more about the education system in Portugal.

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