Cost of Living in Switzerland

Switzerland is an awesome country in Europe. The monthly cost of living in Switzerland is reasonable.

  • The costs for transportation in Switzerland is affordable.
  • The food prices vary. Many students opt to purchase their food from the supermarkets and eat once in a while only.
  • The reasonable restaurants in Switzerland serve meals at prices that range from 12 to 22 Euros per person.
  • The restaurants that provide international cuisine can have low prices.
  • The living costs are generally lower outside the main cities in rural regions.
  • Renting is the most reasonable option for the students.
  • The best thing would be to rent is through a real estate agent.
  • Switzerland has a large number of supermarkets.

The cost of living in Switzerland is reasonable and the students will benefit from it if they decide to be careful about the food and the accommodation. The cost of living in Switzerland is affordable.

Work and study in Switzerland

  • The students may work as seasonal workers in tourism or in other areas like financial services or IT sector.
  • One more alternative is to apply to the multinational companies in the United Kingdom that has got the offices in Switzerland.
  • Some of the major industries where you can work are chemicals, machinery and precision tools, textiles and watches.
  • The skilled workers are in high demand in the Swiss companies in areas like technology, telecommunications and electronics.
  • The average working hours in Switzerland are 45 to 50 hours per week depending on the work area.
  • There can be opportunities to teach English in private language in the boarding schools if your English is good.

Some of the opportunities are there in areas of hotel and catering, tourism and for the ones who have awareness in German or French. You may contact us to know more about how to work and study in Switzerland.

Study in Switzerland

  • The Swiss universities provide a broad range of study courses at all levels like in Bachelor, master and doctoral.
  • The study abroad programs at all the institutions are nicely defined and hire teachers who are highly proficient at other jobs.
  • The Swiss education programs have educational activities that are fun filled.
  • The study abroad programs are available in Switzerland and these provide training and education at a great quality and these provide an opportunity to have nice life experiences.
  • Switzerland has got a high quality of education system that is available to the foreign students.
  • The education system in Switzerland provides worldwide opportunities for you.
  • It can transform your ambitions to a great career.
  • Switzerland has got safe and modern living standards and this attracts the students to a great extent.

Switzerland is an ideal destination for the students all over the world. You may contact us to know more about how to study in Switzerland.

Education system in Switzerland

  • The education system in Switzerland is internationally recognized for its excellent system.
  • Switzerland has a high quality education at the private schools.
  • The public and private establishments give the best range of education at all the levels.
  • The tertiary phase covers the higher vocational training and the universities.
  • Switzerland has got universities that facilitate general education. It has also got universities of applied sciences.
  • Higher vocational training is given by the higher technical schools and that leads to vocational certificates and higher vocational diplomas.
  • The institutes have a deep network of education outlets in Switzerland. This offers the international students high quality of tertiary education opportunities.
  • There are ten universities and two federal technology institutes in Switzerland.
  • The university level education in Switzerland follows the bachelor-master system.

Switzerland makes it simpler for the international students to move between the universities and is thus a flexible system of education. You may contact us to know more about the education system in Switzerland.

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