Education System in Switzerland

The universities in Switzerland provide a broad range of courses of study at all the levels that is Bachelor, Master and Doctorate at varied institutions of higher education like academic universities of applied sciences and in various languages like French, German, Italian and English.

The websites of the universities give information regarding the various courses and the admission criteria.

  • The education system in Switzerland is divided into two aspects that are same as that of USA.
  • There is the bachelors study that is for three years.
  • A master's study that is for one and a half years.
  • After the completion of the master's study, one may begin to work on a thesis so as to get the title of the doctor. This may take up to three or four years.
  • A young person can begin an academic career after doing the apprenticeship program.
  • A university of applied sciences gives the same education as the Swiss Federal institutes of technology.
  • The education system in Switzerland is recognized internationally and is known for its excellence.
  • Switzerland provide a broad choice for high quality education at the private schools.
  • The private and public institutions provide a wide range of education at all the levels.
  • Switzerland classifies its education system into primary, secondary and tertiary levels.
  • There are nice educational possibilities for the international students.
  • The tertiary phase covers the higher vocational training and many universities.
  • Switzerland has got many universities that provide basic education and universities of applied sciences.

Higher vocational training is facilitated by the higher technical schools and those provide higher vocational diplomas. The education system in Switzerland is the finest in the world and students have an array of opportunities to be a part of the higher education system in Switzerland. You may contact us to know more about the education system in Switzerland.

Study in Switzerland

  • There are several scholarship opportunities for the international students.
  • The cost of education in Switzerland is much less than many of the other European nations.
  • The low tuition fees are ample to attract the prospective students.
  • It is the finest country to reside in Europe.
  • Switzerland has got multilingualism.
  • Students have ample opportunities to enhance their current language skills or learn a totally new thing.
  • There is no place that is better than Switzerland. Students in Switzerland qualify for a less costly yearlong ski pass to the world's finest slopes.
  • Switzerland has the finest world renowned academic institutions.
  • Students arrive from all over the world to study in Switzerland and this enhances the development of an international aspect.

There is no better place than Switzerland to develop foreign language skills for business and there are infinite opportunities in Switzerland. You may contact us to know more about how to study in Switzerland. To study in Switzerland is a remarkable aspect and you will be pleased to be there.

Cost of living in Switzerland

  • Heating and electricity costs will depend on the property size.
  • Transportation is reasonable and the students may avail the monthly passes.
  • The monthly costs for the students are nominal.
  • The tuition fees are affordable in comparison to the fees charged by the universities from UK and USA.
  • PhD courses in Switzerland are very famous in Switzerland and there are renowned institutes in Switzerland.
  • Around sixty eight percent of the students are very much contented with their accommodation in Switzerland.
  • Most of the students in Switzerland prefer to purchase food from the supermarkets and just once a while.
  • The affordable restaurants in Switzerland provide meals at a price range of 12 to 22 Euros per person.

The cost of living in Switzerland is economical. You may contact us to know more about the cost of living for international students in Switzerland.

Work and study in Switzerland

  • The foreign students may work for a maximum of fifteen hours per week during their studies.
  • You can find jobs in various newspapers, employment websites and student associations at the universities.
  • •In case you graduate from the university, you need to go through the job ads in the newspapers, publications, associations and also in the web publications.
  • In case you do not find a specific job, you may ask the institute or department of the university.

To work and study in Switzerland is a great opportunity and you will enjoy working in Switzerland. You may contact us to know more about the work and study in Switzerland prospects.

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