Work and Study in Switzerland

The student residence permits enable profit earning activity.

  • The number of working hours for foreign students is limited to fifteen and this is flexible.
  • One may also work for thirty hours per week.
  • It is simpler to get employment in the big urban centers like Zurich and Geneva.
  • Every university has got a job placement office that gives information on student employment.
  • The wages differ in accordance with the job and your skills.
  • Switzerland is renowned for its business education.
  • Several universities provide world class courses for students in this field and enable them to take up the career in various fields.

The students who study in Webster university can benefit from the small and personal classes and get personal attention and guidance in their studies. You may contact us to know more about how to work and study in Switzerland. To work and study in Switzerland is challenging and exciting for the international students.

Study in Switzerland

  • The quality of education is the finest long term strategy to make sure there is political and social stability and also economic growth.
  • Switzerland takes into consideration the awareness and research as a fantastic tool to get the genuine power.
  • The Swiss institutions can carry the set agenda in order to enhance research, creativity and business aspects.
  • The Swiss institutions are funded publicly with investment in research and education among the OECD nations.

Switzerland is one nation that has a great number of registered patents and has a great per capital rate of Noble prizes won. This is the reason that more and more students are choosing to study in Switzerland.

Education system in Switzerland

  • Switzerland has two great resources like education and knowledge.
  • Swiss education system is considered to be the best education system.
  • The cantons are there for the educational services in the universities and colleges.
  • The education system in Switzerland is recognized internationally for its excellence.
  • Switzerland provides a great choice of high quality education at private schools.
  • The educational possibilities are open and flexible for the foreign students.
  • The university level education system in Switzerland follows the Bachelor-master system.
  • Switzerland makes it simpler for the international students to move between the universities.
  • A Master's degree and nice grades are important for taking up a doctorate course.

The education system in Switzerland proves to be beneficial for the international students. You may contact us for more information on the higher education system in Switzerland.

Cost of living in Switzerland

  • Switzerland has an efficient and reasonable system of transportation.
  • You can reduce the cost of transportation by using bicycles which is a popular mode of transit in Switzerland.
  • One liter of milk in Switzerland will cost you CHF 1.75 and dozen eggs will cost you CHF 8.
  • Eating out can be reasonable with a big Mac meal costing you CHF 14.
  • Petrol or gasoline may cost you CHF 2 per liter.
  • The groceries in Switzerland may be quite affordable and the price of one liter of milk may cost you 1.30 CHF per liter of milk.

The tuition fees in Switzerland is quite reasonable in comparison to the tuition fees charges by the universities from USA or UK. You may contact us to know more about the cost of living in Switzerland. The cost of living in Switzerland will suit the foreign students to a great extent.

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