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Education system in Czech Republic

Education system in Czech Republic

The education system in Czech Republic is streamlined, efficient and systematic to meet the requirements of the foreign students. A bachelor's degree is a three-year course of study in which the students get an elementary survey of some of the specialized areas and master's degree comprises of a five or six-year study program or a two-year program after completing a bachelor's degree.

  • The university or tertiary education comprises of all the studies on completion of primary and secondary education.
  • The final examinations comprise of many smaller examinations and an exam of the Czech language.
  • There are many exams in the area of student's specialization.
  • The exams comprise of two aspects - one is a common examination and a profiling examination.
  • The university education is accessible to all the applicants who have finished the secondary education.
  • The system of entrance examinations is designed by every personal college and is for testing the awareness and skills of the applicants.

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