Bridging Visa D Subclass 040 & Subclass 041

The Bridging Visa D is also called as BVD in short. With the bridging visa D you may stay in Australia for a short time if you are an unlawful non-citizen of Australia. With the bridging visa D you will not be allowed to re-enter in Australia once you leave. The visa validity expires if you leave Australia once. You can apply for Bridging visa D if your substantive visa expires and you are waiting for the grant of another visa or you are making departure arrangements from Australia. Know more about the other bridging visa types.

To be able to apply for a visa subclass 040 or subclass 041, you must be present in Australia. You should not already be holding a visa while you apply for a bridging visa D. The Bridging visa D is free of cost and requires the fulfillment of certain terms and conditions to be applied for. The Bridging visa D subclass 040 or 041 does not allow you to work in Australia. A BVD is generally valid for five working days from the day it is granted or at the end of five working days since your substantive visa ceased to be valid. For further assistance on BVD contact our Migration Agent Perth or Migration Agent Adelaide.

What can you do with a Bridging Visa D in Australia?

The different entitlements with the bridging visa D in Australia are mentioned below:

  • The visa subclass 040 & subclass 041 enables you to stay lawfully in Australia for a short time if you an unlawful non-citizen of Australia.

  • You cannot work on this visa subclass in Australia.

  • You cannot re-enter Australia with visa subclass 040 or 041 once you leave Australia. Reach out to our Registered Migration Agent to know detailed information regarding Bridging Visa D.

Requirements for Bridging Visa D

For the bridging visa D, the different visa 040 & 041 requirements are:

  • You should be an unlawful non-citizen of Australia and trying to make an application of a substantive visa and unable to make so.

  • You should be present in Australia for the purposes of making the application of Bridging visa D.

  • You must comply with all the Australian rules and regulations.

Eligibility Criteria for bridging visa D subclass 040 & 041

The bridging visa D can be gained access to only after completing the following bridging visa D eligibility criteria:

  • You must be present in Australia to be able to apply for this visa subclass.

  • You must not already be holding a substantive visa or the substantive should be expiring within the next three working days after you have applied for a BVD.

  • You were somehow unable to apply for a substantive visa even after trying. For example: incorrect charges were paid by you or a wrong visa application was filled by you, but you will be able to do so within the next five working days.

  • There is unavailability of an authorized officer who can interview you.

Checklist for bridging visa D Subclass 040 & 041

The Bridging Visa D have some compulsory requirements and eligibility criteria which should be considered while applying for the visa subclass. Make sure you go through the visa 040 & 041 checklist to apply for the BVD:

  • Be present in Australia.

  • Be an unlawful non-citizen of Australia.

  • Should not hold a substantive visa while applying for the bridging visa D or the substantive visa must be expiring within next three working days from the date you are applying for the visa subclass 040 or 041.

  • You cannot work with a BVD in Australia.

  • Your Bridging visa D will cease to be valid if you leave Australia while on BVD.

Processing Time for Bridging Visa D

The Bridging visa D has no particular defined processing time. It depends on the individual case basis. However, you can consult our Migration consultant Australia to get your visa processed faster.

General FAQs for Bridging Visa D

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