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Bridging Visa B (subclass 020)

You can apply for Bridging Visa B (subclass 020) if you are currently in Australia but the substantive visa you’re holding is about to expire as it allows you to leave and get back to the country till the decision on your substantive visa is being made.

One can obtain the Bridging Visa B if they comply with the following requirements

  • He/ she is in Australia
  • They are already holding a BVA or a BVB
  • They applied for a substantive visa in in Australia that can be granted to him while he is in this country
  • They substantial reasons why he wants to leave and go back to Australia while his substantive visa application is on process

The Bridging Visa B Australia allows one to leave and go back to Australia during a particular period of time while their substantive visa application is on process. When deciding for a particular travel time, take into consideration the reasons for travel and the time the substantive visa application is possibly to be decided. Once BVB has been granted, the specified period for travel can no longer be extended or changed.

An applicant who meets the following requirements is entitled to a Bridging visa Australia

  • They are in Australia while lodging a bridging visa application
  • You do not have intentions to work in Australia, if visa restricts you from doing so
I have applied for another visa to live in Australia, then why do I need Bridging visa?

You need a bridging visa to live in Australia lawfully if your previous substantive visa expired and have applied for another subsequent visa. If you do not hold any visa to live in the country you become invalid resident which will lead to non-applicable to apply for Australian citizenship or permanent resident.

How long my bridging visa will last for?

Usually your Bridging visa Australia lasts until you receive the substantive visa you applied for, however it may also end if:

  • Once you depart from the country, as bridging visa does not allow to return in Australia
  • You receive a different bridging visa such as Bridging visa B for same substantive visa
  • Your Bridging visa or substantive visa gets rejected by immigration, you were on while getting BVA.

Can I include my family members in bridging visa application?

Yes, you may include your partner, child, step-child, or partner’s child or step-child in your visa application. It is important to note that each family member will have to meet their separate BVB requirements to be eligible.

Provided information should not be taken as exhaustive, additional requirements for the visa do apply. Visa requirements may differ as per individual circumstances. For your eligibility assessment visit one of our qualified professionals.

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Bridging Visa B Subclass 020
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