Cost of living in Latvia | Living Cost in Australia for Kenya Students

Cost of living in Latvia

Cost of living in Latvia

The cost of living in Latvia is quite reasonable and it is suitable for the students. The dormitories or student hostel costs between 70 to 120 Euros.

  • The meals cost 5 to 9 Euros per meal.
  • The transportation costs are affordable too as the taxi would cost 7 to 15 Euros.
  • The average living costs in Latvia are lower in comparison to other cities.
  • The public transport monthly will cost around $53.
  • A movie ticket would cost around $7.
  • A meal would cost you $6.70.
  • Latvia is an international destination for the international students.
  • Milk in Latvia is at the cost of .80 Euros per liter.
  • The potatoes in Latvia are around .5 Euros per kilogram.

Accommodation Cost

  • Hostels/Dormitories � 70 to 120 Euro per month
  • Shared flat rental � 100 to 200 Euro
  • Flat rental individual � 250 to 350 Euro

The cost of living in Latvia is reasonable and the students find it suitable to live in Latvia at this expenditure. The cost of living in Latvia for international students is affordable and suits the students from the foreign countries.

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