Cost of living in Poland | Living Cost in Australia for Kenya Students

Cost of living in Poland

Cost of living in Poland

Living cost in Poland is cheap and this brings the students from other countries to Poland. To live in Poland is highly affordable in comparison to other European nations. Here is a list wherein you will get an idea about the standard expenses that you will be making in Poland.

Type Monthly Cost (Approx.)
Accommodation Cost 995 to 2920 PLN
Electricity and Water 450 to 850 PLN
Internet 30 to 60 PLN
Food Cost 100 to 120 PLN
Transportation Cost 90 to 100 PLN
Eating Out Cost 25 to 30 PLN
Entertainment Cost 200 to 250 PLN

This is the average cost which varies according to an individual's standard of living. Besides the way of living the other factor which contributes mainly to the occurring expenses is the region that you choose to live in. Like other countries Poland also has its most and least expensive towns. Selecting one city over another will impact significantly on three chief factors Monthly savings, spending and salary.

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