Cost of living in Slovenia | Living Cost in Australia for Kenya Students

Cost of living in Slovenia

Cost of living in Slovenia

The cost of living in Slovenia is quite reasonable. For an international student, it would be convenient to study in Slovenia. It is based on the cost of food, transportation, health services, utilities, rent and miscellaneous. It will give you an insight of the expenses you may encounter as you study in Slovenia. It is important for every student to be financially prepared and capable of supporting themselves while studying in foreign country.

Living cost is quite cheap in Slovenia and as a student you may also opt for shared accommodation. Here is an overview of the cost:

ACCOMMODATION Ljubljana Maribor Primorska
Dormitories Shared �80 - �160 �100 - �170 � 100
Separate Flats (2BHK) �100 - �130 �90 - �120 �100 - �150
Separate Flats (1BHK) �120 - �160 �120 - �150 �140 - �180

Other major cost to keep in mind and add to your expense list is transportation. Public conveyance is the best option to pick as a student to travel. Here is an overview of public transportation cost.

ACCOMMODATION Ljubljana Maribor Primorska
Single Ticket � 1.20 �1.1�/�0.5 � 0.80
Monthly Ticket � 20 � 26.50 � 10
Taxi Cost �0.8 - �1.1 per KM + �1 starting rate

Apart from the accommodation and transportation, you might also end up sometimes enjoying a meal at a restaurant. The prices vary depending upon the restaurant and number of people. It usually costs between EUR 2.5 - 3 per meal. You may enquire more about the cost of living in Slovenia by contacting us and we will be happy to guide you.

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