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Education system in Latvia

Education system in Latvia

The education system in Latvia comprises of pre-school education, basic education and secondary education. The general education in Latvia is for twelve years.

  • The ones who have general secondary education certificates and vocational education diplomas are entitled to get higher education.
  • The admission process can differ depending on the competition level.
  • The higher education establishments have a variation between the academic and professional institutions of higher education.
  • The academic higher education programmes are based on research. They are based on a thesis at the end of every stage.
  • There are some institutions where the Bachelor programme is for three years to make sure there is a choice between further studies towards the Master�s degree or to a professional qualification.
  • The four-year Bachelor's degree is seen as an academic higher education.
  • There are two kinds of professional higher education in Latvia - The professional higher education is based on blending a standard of an academic degree.
  • For doctoral studies, a Master's degree is needed. The two levels of doctoral degrees are there in Latvia.
  • The grading system is recommended for the higher education institutions by the Ministry of education and science.

Most of the higher education institutes in Latvia provide professional and academic programmes. They may be classified based on the level of the degrees they provide. The education system in Latvia provides the best in terms of providing the higher education. You may contact us to know more about the higher education system in Latvia.

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