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English Language

English language training

Do you desire to speak fluent English? The English speaking learning course helps you to learn and speak English professionally.

The course contains a series of lectures, comprehensions, and practice tests to evolve the language skills of the applicants. You learn how to state, agree/disagree, explain and summarize your ideas. You will learn the relevant skills for making personal introductions and group discussions. Applicants learn the usage of appropriate body language and tone. English speaking course enables you to communicate effectively in a confident manner.

How ISA Migrations can help you?

  • At ISA Migrations, we help you to realise your dreams. Our customized English learning programs provide the international students transformational learning experience.
  • We help you grab new opportunities to accomplish your professional or academic aims.
  • We deal with the reputed CRICOS registered colleges and universities and offer you enrolment assistance.
  • Our enrolment services include course selection, finding course provider, and securing a position at a renowned educational institute.
  • We offer relevant assistance to procure student visa ranging from visa lodgement, documentation, processing, insurance covers and accommodation

There are different reasons for students to enrol for the English language course. Some applicants have to pursue the course as a part of requirement in their college or university. Some are willing to improve their language skills before taking up a course in the field of their choice. Students who enrol in the course get tremendous benefits and become English proficient.

Applicants can pursue the below-mentioned courses for English speaking:
  • General English
  • English for Academic Purposes
  • Business English
  • Cambridge Advanced English (CAE)
  • Cert I-IV Spoken and Written English

These courses extend from 1 week up to a year.

After the completion of English speaking course, you will:
  • Speak English fluently
  • Enhance your English vocabulary
  • Improve pronunciation
  • Change the way you speak English
  • Learn how speech is influenced by culture
  • Use appropriate body language for varied cultural settings
  • Learn how to make response in different settings and situations

All the work organizations in Australia require employees with competent English. Therefore it is mandatory for applicants to demonstrate English language proficiency. Applicants who desire to work in Australia under skilled migration programs must have proficient English.

Successful completion of English speaking learning course brings with it better employment outcomes and workplace readiness.

International students who desire to improve their English language skills are naturally inclined towards Australia. Since Australia is one of the largest English speaking countries, high count of students is drawn towards it. Also, it is the third most preferred nation by the international students.

Applicants can leverage their English speaking skills through the intensive training and regular practice in daily life.

Entry requirements:

The eligibility requirements for getting student visa are as under:

  • Hold valid passport
  • Offer letter from the chosen institution/university
  • Proof of Overseas Health Cover
  • Evidence of sufficient funds for stay in Australia (during course duration)
  • Present necessary documents as required by Department of Immigration and Border Protection Visa
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