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Health Insurance

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Health Insurance

Health insurance covers the health and medical care costs of the students, visitors and individuals on work, business, skilled graduate, training and temporary activity visa. Any individual coming from overseas irrelevant of visa category need to maintain health insurance for the entire period they live in Australia else not having one, may also lead to visa cancellation and you have to buy same before landing in the country. As an applicant coming from abroad you may choose OSHC if you are an international student or OVHC if coming for short stay with any specific purpose.

Why Health Insurance is Necessary?

You are required to buy health insurance before you arrive in Australia as it is compulsory to comply the health insurance conditions set by Department of Home Affairs. The health insurance ensures to cover any unexpected medical costs or treatment for the entire duration of stay in the country. This reduces the cost of any treatments and make the life hassle-free.

OSHC for international students

Overseas Student Health Cover policy was introduced to cover the health care cost of international students. An applicant coming in Australia on student visa subclass 500 can buy this insurance to cover the medical, hospital, emergency ambulance and prescribed medicine costs. It is necessary to purchase the OHSC till the student visa is valid for. You need to buy health insurance for any family member accompanying you the same visa application.

Overseas visitor health cover (OVHC) for (188, 400, 403, 407, 408, 417, 462, 476, 482, 485, 489 and 590 visas)

Post completing graduation while in Australia on Temporary Graduate visa 485 you will be required to change your OSHC to an overseas visitor cover (OVHC) any time before your Overseas Student Health Cover expires. According to the criteria set by Department of Home Affairs, immigrants and their dependent family members need to fulfil some health requirements to live in Australia. Visas that fall under OVHC plans are:

  • ✓  Business Innovation & Investment Visa 188
  • ✓  Short Stay Visa- 400
  • ✓  Temporary work Visa-403
  • ✓  Training Visa – 407
  • ✓  Temporary Activity Visa-408
  • ✓  Working Holiday-417
  • ✓  Work & Holiday-462
  • ✓  Skilled recognized graduate-476
  • ✓  Temporary Skill Shortage Visa-482
  • ✓  Temporary Graduate Visa-485
  • ✓  Skilled Regional Visa-489
  • ✓  Student Guardian Visa-590

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Health Cover

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OHSC policy mostly covers the following:

  • Medical aid
  • Hospital charge
  • Ambulance help
  • Some prescribed antibiotic or medicine costs

The OSHC coverage is usually based on the type of health insurance you purchase and the documents consists all the relevant information regarding your policy.

The policy does not include the following, however if you need additional coverage for any of the below mentioned treatments you may add it to your policy by paying extra charge.

  • Physiotherapy, Podiatry, Chiropractic cure
  • Dental and Orthodontics treatments
  • Optical treatment

Depending on the health and medical care requirements visitors and workers may choose from numerous levels of plans offered by health insurance providers:

  • Low range policy: This policy covers the ambulance and hospital cost of you and your family members
  • Medium range policy: This policy covers some additional costs out of the hospital costs depending on the policy provider conditions.
  • Top range policy: This policy covers dental, optical and physio costs besides the hospital costs (Coverage may vary based on the insurance provider you choose).
  • Hospital Cost
  • Ambulance cost in case of emergency
  • Medical Costs
  • Prescribed Medicine costs (Basic medicines not covered)
  • Doctor or Specialists services
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