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Overview of NAATI

The National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters (NAATI) is the professional organization accountable for setting and maintaining standards for translating and interpreting profession in Australia.

NAATI is the only body which issues accreditations for applicants who desire to work for translating and interpretation jobs.

NAATI intends to strengthen the involvement and participation of Australian employees by addressing the diverse communication needs and meeting the expectations.

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NAATI approved courses are translating and interpreting qualifications offered by NAATI.

The course extends for 24 weeks. Applicants can pursue the below NAATI approved courses:
  • Diploma of Interpreting
  • Advanced Diploma of Translating
  • Age Requirements: 18 years or above
  • Appear for the entry examination conducted by NAATI approved institute
  • Supply copies of documents including IELTS/PTE score, visa, and health insurance and Australian qualifications
The following visa holders can apply for the NAATI accreditation test:
  • Student Visa subclass 500
  • Temporary Graduate Work Visa subclass 485
  • Temporary Skill Shortage Visa Subclass 482

Note: The visa must offer minimum 6 months of stay in Australia.

  • Applicants who fulfil the eligibility criteria and successfully complete a NAATI approved course can apply for NAATI accreditation without even taking the NAATI test.
  • Applicants who have completed NAATI accreditation at the paraprofessional level are eligible to request for CCL (Credentialed Community Language).
  • NAATI accredited individuals can claim 5 extra points towards points-based migration visa.

The NAATI Accreditation process can be completed as follows:

  • Pass the NAATI Accreditation Test
  • Successfully complete a NAATI Approved course
  • Demonstrate association with a recognized translating or interpreting professional organization
  • Completed specialized tertiary qualification in translation/interpretation from a recognized overseas institution

The NAATI CCL test is designed to impart 5 bonus points to the international applicants who desire to immigrate to Australia under the point-based General Skilled Migration Test.


Visa holders of subclasses 489, 190 and 189 can apply for the NAATI CCL Test.

  • On the successful completion of NAATI approved course from a recognized institution, your institute can recommend you for NAATI accreditation.
  • Applicants must have graduation in an approved language and possess the grade mandatory for recommendation during the final practical examination.
  • Applicants recommended for NAATI accreditation must submit an accreditation application to NAATI within 3 years after the date of completion.
  • Applicants must supply evidence of regular work experience in translation/interpreting industry from a recognized organization or company.
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