Government of Australia is Streamlining Temporary Visa Requirements

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Government of Australia is Streamlining Temporary Visa Requirements

The Australian government is making temporary visa requirements easy for applicants. The applicants who are applying for a temporary visa in Australia will not require to undergo medical examinations and chest x-rays. The applicants will not be required to meet health requirements based on their nationality, previous residence, and length of stay. 

However, temporary visa applicants in Australia may require to undergo the relevant medical and chest X-ray examination in some conditions, if:

  • They have applied for a medical treatment visa.
  • If the applicant applied for temporary protection or a provisional visa.
  • The applicant requires medical treatment.
  • If you wish to study or work as a doctor, dentist, or nurse. 
  • If there is going to be a higher tuberculosis risk or the person will enter a hospital or disability care facility.
  • The pregnant women who have the intent to have a baby in Australia. 
  • A person who is going to work at a childcare center in Australia. 
  • People who are aged over 75 years and going on a visitor visa. 

All the applicants are required to fill out the application form truthfully and with the correct information. If the department found any false or invalid information, it can lead to the rejection of the visa. 

These criteria will be applicable to all eligible temporary visa applicants and to those who are going to apply for the visa in the future. This will also apply to those who have already lodged their applications to the Department. The Government of Australia will review these arrangements in early 2023.

Which visas will cover these measures?

These measures will apply to the given visa subclasses:

What will be the impact of this on the existing medical appointments?

For the applicants who have appointments for the medical examination, the Department’s contracted service provider will contact or get in touch with you to cancel the appointment. As the medical examination is no longer required, once your appointment is canceled you will be provided a refund.

Are refunds will be given to the recently completed medical examinations?

No. The refunds will not be provided for already completed medicals as they will be considered in the normal way by the Department.

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