Australia Witnesses A Shortage In The Number Of Permanent Visa Migrants

Australia Witnesses A Shortage In The Number Of Permanent Visa Migrants

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The Australian government is paying more heed at settling its fellow migrants in regional Australia. As a result, this nation has witnessed a major shortage in its number of permanent migration applicants. In the year 2018-19, the total number of permanent visas granted was 160,323. At the same time, the migration cap remained the same as 190,000. The shortage in intake could be noticed from 2008 onwards when 159,000 visas were implemented.

Subsequently, the government proclaimed an abrupt decision in March 2019. It declared that its annual migration cap has cut by 30000. Hence, they are going to maintain a reasonable intake of 160,000 for the next 4 years.


The government is now focusing more on regional migration rather than overseas migration. This statement was given by David Coleman, who is the Immigration minister of the Australian government. He continued saying a few more things about the change in the government’s decision. The government has made a comprehensive population plan which Mr. Coleman is a part of. Hopefully, this will alleviate the pressure on the major capitals of Australia. Not only this, but it is also expected to support the population growth of smaller regions and cities seeking more people.

He also said that the Australian government has nominated 23000 places for its regional skilled migrants. It has also implemented two new regional visas until recently in relation to these places. These visas are expected to fill up almost ten thousand job vacancies in regional Australia. Mr. Coleman put an end to his statement by uttering about the reduction in the migration cap from 160,000, from 190,000.

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The visa places have been increased reasonably for the various region of Australia. On the contrary, the skilled independent visa stream got reduced to a quarter of its total number. The number has decreased as low as 19000 from 44000 in this year. Through the means of the skilled independent visa, the applicant can settle anywhere in Australia devoid of any condition.

The amendment in the migration planning came later. In November 2019, the Australian government declared that 23000 visa places have been nominated for regional Australia. It also proclaimed the introduction of the two skilled visa categories to all its fellow citizens.

Either of these visas is comprised of stringent rules and regulations that the applicant needs to abide by strictly. The holder of any of these two visas has to live in the concerned region for at least 3 years. If he/she meets this stay period, then he/she can apply for a permanent residency as well. They cannot migrate to any other region that has not been nominated under these two visa categories. In case, the applicant does so, he/she can be deported as a penalty.

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The new version of the Skilled Occupation List will be revealed in March 2020. The reason is, it still has to be reviewed painstakingly complying with the vacancy needs for the various sectors of Australia. Mr. David Coleman also made his own statement on this. He said that last year’s intake comprised of 8987 places comprising 47,247 family visas under the Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme. The number of places has increased up to 6221 places, therefore adding on to its number reasonably.

A Few Noteworthy Facts About The Change in Australia Migration Scheme

The Australian federal government is honing for international talents through its new Global Talent Visa. This has led to migrants going to the various regions of Australia. All the more, the temporary residents looking for permanent residency are finding the stringent norms as more feasible than before.

At least 5000 places are supposed to be nominated under the Global Talent Visa implemented by the federal government. These 5000 places comprising the global talent visa will be updated on the Skilled Independent category very soon. As a matter of fact, the Skilled Independent category is facing a massive demand as compared to its supply which is quite nominal.

Applicants with IT, accounting and engineering degrees have become quite hopeful after the implementation of this particular Skilled Visa category. They are hoping that their academic and professional qualifications will now get a lucrative platform. The Home Affairs Department has proclaimed that only 100 applicants were summoned to apply for this visa in August 2019. 

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