Australia’s Travel Restrictions And Exemption For COVID-19

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Australia’s Travel Restrictions And Exemption For COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has shaken the entire world. Due to such reasons, Australia has closed down its borders to everyone so that they can prevent the virus from spreading. Travel to the country is only available when you have received an individual exemption or have been exempted.

Apart from that, Australia’s travel restriction is subject to change according to the circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic. You need to stay well-aware and updated about the latest news and rules provided by the Australian Government.

Apart from that, you also have to check information about the parents of Australian citizens and PR or permanent residents before making the travel plans to Australia.

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Exemption Request For Escorting Permanent Resident or Australian Citizen Minors

Individuals who are escorting permanent residents or Australian citizen minors will receive travel exemptions to travel to Australia. This is done to ensure the welfare and safety of the child. Here are circumstances under which the travel exemptions for this particular category gets approved. Look below!

  • There should be one guardian for every child under the age of 2 who will get approved.
  • Just one guardian from the same family group for multiple children under the age of 2 will approve the travel exemption.
  • All the additional guardians will be considered on a cash-by-cash basis if evidence and medical advice are provided.

Until any exceptional situations apply, individuals escorting Australian citizens or permanent residents minor to Australia should be a relative. [for example, uncle, aunt, grandparent, etc].

The Temporary Visa Holders-

Australia’s temporary visa holders are free to depart Australia at any time. However, they will not be permitted to return to the country. Individuals can receive a lot more information about temporary visas at the Department of Home Affairs webpage. There are news and various other updates mentioned, which can be helpful for all the temporary visa holders.

The Exempt Categories

You will get exempted automatically from the travel restrictions and enter the country [without the need of an individual exemption] if you are:

  • An Australian citizen.
  • A maritime crew including the marine pilots and airline crew.
  • An individual who is recruited under the Pacific Labour Scheme or Seasonal Worker Program.
  • A permanent resident of Australia.
  • A New Zealand citizen who is a resident of Australia and their family members.
  • A family member of a permanent resident or Australian citizen.
  • An individual who has been in Australia or New Zealand for 14 days or more.
  • A diplomat who is accredited in Australia, which includes their immediate family members.
  • A person who is transitioning to Australia for 72 hours.
  • An individual who holds a subclass 188 or Business Innovation and Investment visa.
  • A person who carries the subclass 408 visa or Temporary Activity visa within the Post COVID-19 Economic Recovery event is also supported by Global Business and Talent Attraction Taskforce.

If you are a temporary visa holder but do not carry a permanent Australian visa, you have to show proof or provide evidence of your relationship [For instance marriage certificate, or evidence of de factor relationship like your or your children’s birth certificate, shared property and finance]. All these evidences must be provided to the Department of Home Affairs right before you travel to Australia.

You must do not travel until the Department advices you to do so. You have to carry all the evidence for all the categories mentioned above when travelling to Australia. If required, additional documentation or evidence might be requested. But you do not fall under the exempted category, and you are free to apply for the individual exemption.

The Individual Exemption

The decision makers and the commissioners of the Australian Border Force will grant you the individual exemption if you are:

  • A foreign national travelling to Australia after receiving an invitation from the Government of Australia, territory or state authority to assist in the COVID-19 response.
  • A foreign national working in the critical sector in Australia or has critical skills.
  • A foreign national who gained entry into the country for national interest and is backed by the state, territory or Australian Government authority.
  • Offering specialist or critical medical services, which includes delivering medical supplies, air ambulance and medical evacuations.
  • An individual sponsored by an employer to work in Australia within an occupation in PMSOL or Priority Migration Skill Occupation List.
  • Military personnel, which includes those from the Asia Pacific and Status of Armed Force Agreement, Commonwealth Armed Forces and Armed Force Agreement.
  • A candidate or student who got selected to participate in the International Student Arrivals Plan, which is been approved by the territory or state government and its endorsed by the Department of Education, Skills and Employment.
  • A student or candidate during the final 3 years of study in a medical university degree, where is evidence of confirmed placement in a medical practice or Australian hospital. The placement should commence within two months and offer medical services to the Australian public.
  • A higher degree research candidate enrolled within an Australian Institution [which PhD students and Masters by research]. You must carry evidence for the current research granted by a support from a relevant government agency or Commonwealth agency outlining why exactly the research is essential and how their role is crucial for the research.
  • A student who is completing year 11 and 12 with the endorsement from the Department of Education, Skills and Employment and support from a relevel territory or state education and government authorities.
  • A candidate or student who is the final year of study of a nursing, allied health profession or dental university degree. You have to carry proper evidence or proof of a confirmed place within a medical practice or Australian hospital that starts in two months.
  • Traveling to Australia for compelling and compassionate purposes.
  • A subclass 300 or prospective marriage visa holder under these following situations:
    – The prospective marriage visa was lodged in 12 months before submitting a request for travel exemption.
    – Where exactly the subclass 300 or prospective visa has been granted.

In simple words, if you have applied for the Prospective Marriage visa before or on August 18th 2020 and now got your subclass 300 approved, you will become eligible for an inner travel exemption on August 18th 2021.

You also have to apply for the exemption before two week and not more than two months right before you make plans for your travel. The things you should include are:

  1. Accompanying poof.
  2. Your reasons for coming to Australia. [why should be granted the exemption]
  3. A supporting statement on how exactly you meet all the requirements for the exemption.
  4. Provide the residential phone number and address in Australia.
  5. Traveller’s information, which includes name, passport number, date of birth and visa type and number.

Remember, if you do not receiver your exemption, you must not make any travel plans as you will not get the permission to board a plane to Australia. But if you do receive a travel exemption, you need carry and also show evidence of that.

Compelling And Compassionate Reasons To Travel

You will receive a travel exemption from the Commissioner of the Australian Border Force if you are planning to visit Australia for compassionate and compelling purposes. The compassionate and compelling reasons include critical illness or death of a close family member. You need to carry visa and must have an exemption for the travel restrictions in Australia.

Apply For An Exemption Online

When you are applying for an online exemption, here are some of the things you have to provide:

  • Statutory declaration to support all your claims.
  • Proof of identity.
  • Letter from an employer that shows why the travel is compulsory.
  • Letter form a hospital or doctor why indicates why the travel is essential.
  • Death, birth or marriage certificate.
  • Travel schedule.
  • Supporting letter from a government or business agency that advises why your skills are necessary.
  • Proof that you carry a valid visa or applied for one.

The erudition presented in this article will help you understand Australia’s travel exemption and restriction for the COVID-19 pandemic. Make sure to go through it before you make any travel plans. For more information and to receive expert guidance on such matters, consult with Migration Agent Perth at ISA Migrations & Education Consultants they will always be there to help.


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