Benefits of skilled migration 187 visa Australia

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Benefits of skilled migration 187 visa Australia

187 visa Australia is a permanent residence visa for skilled individuals who wish to work in any regional area of Australia. This Regional sponsored Migration scheme popularly known as RSMS Visa lets you and your family members live permanently in Australia provided you have an offer of employment from an employer from regional part of Australia.

Benefits of the subclass 187 visa for direct entry stream

There are several benefits of the RSMS visa under direct entry stream including:

  • The sponsored position is not limited to the TSMIT (Temporary Skilled Migration Income Threshold which is $53900 currently
  • The list of RSMS occupations has more positions than CSOL (Consolidated Skilled Occupation List) used for the subclass 457 visa.
  • Exclusion from visa 457 sponsorship obligations
  • With this visa grant the applicant becomes entitle to permanent residency of Australia with an access to Australian Medicare
  • The RSMS visa holder will be exempted from paying the international institution fees like several temporary work visa subclass 457 holders have to.

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Benefits of the subclass 187 visa for temporary entry stream

The benefits under temporary entry stream are:

  • The vocational English ability is required to apply for this visa stream, which is 5.0 IELTS score in each module or equivalent score.
  • Skills assessment is also not required for this stream (Demonstration of qualifications or skills if the holder of 457 visa has been working at a position for minimum two years).
  • This stream also entitles you to get a health waiver, which may be helpful in case of a family member who is unwell. However it is important to note that this health waiver is not guaranteed.

For both the streams the applicants of this visa are entitled to Australia’s Medicare facility to cover health related costs, apply for citizenship in Australia on fulfilling the criteria, travel in and out of Australia frequently as per requirements and live, work & study in Australia indefinitely.

Apart from the benefits to a visa seeker looking for an employment opportunity in Australia, even the employer who is sponsoring an overseas worker Visa Subclass 187 scheme has an advantage that they do not have to necessarily fulfil the training requirements like other visa streams.

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Stages of Regional Sponsor Migration Scheme subclass 187 visa application

Generally, there are 3 stages to an RSMS visa application:

  • Certification by Regional Certifying Body (RCB): the RCB will make sure that the vacant position is genuine and in several cases it requires the job to be advertised by the employer.
  • Nomination: The Department of Home Affairs will review the position and business.
  • Visa application: There’re 3 pathways, and the skill level is generally lower than the Employer Nomination Scheme program. The candidate must be under 50 years of age, unless exceptional conditions apply.

Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme Subclass 187 Visa Requirements

  • In order to qualify for this visa an applicant must have a job offer in Australia’s regional area. The regional areas include whole of WA, SA, NT, Tasmania and ACT.
  • Lodge the visa application within Six months of securing nomination.
  • Satisfy character and health requirements.
  • Fulfil stream-specific requirements.

It seems to be a good to have a consultation for RSMS 187 Visa through registered migration agent.

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