DAMA Occupation List 2022: Latest Updates and Changes Explained For South Australia

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DAMA Occupation List 2022: Latest Updates and Changes Explained For South Australia

The Skilled & Business Migration has announced that the Australian Government has accepted several changes. These changes are a part of two DAMAs or Designated Area Migration Agreements of South Australia. Here, under this article, you will find all the changes made.

DAMA Occupation List 2022

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The DAMA Occupation List

Some new occupations under DAMAs related to agribusiness, hospitality, motor trades, forestry, manufacturing, and tourism. The South Australian Government have issued two DAMAs, and they are:

1. Adelaide Technology and Information Advanced Agreement

This particular agreement focuses on all the high-tech growth industries of Adelaide. These industries are:

  • Advanced manufacturing
  • Defence
  • Technology
  • Space

The Innovation Advancement Agreement and Adelaide City Technology are the DAMA or Designated Area Migration Agreements. It covers the metropolitan sector of Adelaide.

2. South Australian Regional Workforce Agreement

This agreement is for the regional high-growth industries of South Australia. These industries are:

  • Mining
  • Forestry
  • Agribusinesses
  • Construction
  • Forestry
  • Social and health services
  • Hospitality and tourism

The South Australian Regional Workforce Agreement is a DAMA that covers all states of South Australia.

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PR Pathways and Concessions

The Designated Area Migration Agreements have included concessions for some standard visa needs. These concessions are:

  • Age requirements
  • Lessening the work experience
  • English language requirements
  • This particular pathway is provided to all the highly-skilled applicants

Skills Assessing Authority 

The Government of South Australia plays its part as the skills assessing expert for all the occupations. These occupations, at present, has no substitute skills assessing authority. This will make all the formerly ineligible occupations open for skilled migration.

The Skilled & Business Migration constantly supports all the South Australian employers and guarantees that they can fill all the skills needs in their respective businesses.

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