New Visa Developments by the Morrison Government: A Boost To Australia’s Economy

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New Visa Developments by the Morrison Government: A Boost To Australia’s Economy

Scott Morrison’s government rules changes in the temporary visa settings of Australia to support the country’s economic recovery. The COVID-19 pandemic had restricted eligible overseas students and workers from entering the country, which is now being compensated with these new visa enhancements.

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Skilled-Recognised Subclass 476 Graduate Visas Extended

The Skilled-Recognised subclass 476 visa allows any eligible engineering graduate who has recently cleared graduation to study, work or live in Australia. Candidates will have their visas extended for 2 years who held this visa but could not enter the country due to COVID-19 international travel restrictions.

  • That means the visa holders will have an extra 6 months apart from the usual validity of the visa.
  • Alex Hawke, Australia’s Minister for Immigration, Citizenship, Migrant Services and Multicultural Affairs, clarified that former and current Subclass 476 visa holders will be able to enter or stay until April 2024 in the country.

Commenting on this measure, Hawke said, “We understand how qualified engineers from across the globe add to the economic growth of Australia. This step has been taken to boost our economy as we try to recover from the pandemic.”

“Australia will be open to all fully-vaccinated international candidates holding Temporary Graduate, Student and Skilled-Recognised visas from December 15, 2021,” he further added.

The changes are expected to be effective in April this year while being subject to the amendments to the Migration Regulations 1994.
The Australian Department of Home Affairs will directly inform eligible visa holders of their visa extension, after which they should be able to migrate to the country. The enhancement will also be pertinent for individuals who could not use the entire term of their visas due to the pandemic travel restrictions and now have them expired.

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Individuals Holding Training Subclass 407 Visa

Australian businesses received considerable help and support from the Commonwealth Government during COVID-19 as the Student visa holders were allowed to work for additional hours in several critical sectors.

At present, due to the scarcity of enough workforce, Morrison’s government is enhancing this ritual by eliminating the limit on working hours of the secondary Training visa subclass 407 holders across all Australian working sectors. The change is applicable for all existing and new Subclass 407 Training visa holders with immediate effect and will be further assessed in April this year.

COVID-19 Pandemic Event 408 Visa for Temporary Visa Holders

Individuals holding visas with temporary work rights will now be able to access the COVID-19 Pandemic Event 408 visa. The Subclass 408 visa will incur zero charges for visa application for a 6- to 12-month period if the individual is employed in any sector of the economy of Australia.
Currently, this visa can be availed for 1 year with zero Visa Application Charge by any individual working in or holding an offer to work in sectors of health care, agriculture, food processing, aged care, child care, disability care, and tourism and hospitality.
It should be noted that this visa will only be available for candidates who applied for Pandemic Event visa on or after February 21, 2022, who:

  • Hold a Temporary visa and were staying in Australia before February 21, 2022; and
  • Hold a Temporary visa and enter Australia after February 21, 2022, having work rights or a job offer from an aged care service funded by the Commonwealth Government when the application was made.

Individuals holding a Temporary visa working or planning to work in any sector of the economy of Australia can submit a Pandemic Event visa application up to 90 days prior to the expiration date of their existing visa. They will be allowed to stay in Australia for up to an extra 12 months if they are working or planning to work in the sectors mentioned above or 6 months if working or planning to work in other sectors.

The elimination of sector limitations for eligibility in the Pandemic Event visa application will go on to support Australian companies and the Australian economy as a whole. These changes are, however, subject to review at present.

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