Good News For Single Australians – New Point System Offers Extra Points To Visa Hopefuls

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Good News For Single Australians – New Point System Offers Extra Points To Visa Hopefuls

The new point system is designed by the Australian government for Australian Visa. Good news for singles, the Point system will change from November this year. The Australian government will offer extra points to singles. Individuals are looking forward to the new point system.

S. Vijay Kumar is waiting to file his applicants for Australian permanent residency visa.

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S. Vijay Kumar is a film editor by profession and Kumar is going to wait till November. Kumar is saying that “Everything is ready; I will gain extra 10 points because I am single, that will increase my points. So now I am waiting for November.”

This good news is for those who do not have husband/wife or partners. Many applicants are looking forward to new point system (10 point-rules) and Vijay Kumar is one of them but new point system will come into effect from November 2019. In April 2019, The Immigration Department announced that we will change the old point system for Australian Visa. New point system will be applied from 16 November 2019. According to the new point system applicants who do not have a husband/wife or de facto partner will gain ten points.

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The changes will be applied to ensure that more skilled people migrate to Australia. If you are single then new system will be helpful for you to gain extra 10 points.

The new point system, coming in effect from November 2019 and it will offer 10 extra points for applicants who do not have a wife/husband or partner. The idea is to bring more skilled migrants and reject unskilled partners. The new point system follows the recommendation which is made by productivity commission. As many as 50 percent of applicants are secondary and having limited skills in Australia’s permanent skill intake says the commission.

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The Commission of Productivity recommended in its 2016 report that amendment should be made relating to the point system where the secondary applicants may be able to score better and gain a desirable position and contribute their significance through their employment-related characteristics

Now we can see the opposite trend. Now you can claim five extra points on behalf of your partners. You have to put your marriage on hold to claim these extra points. Individual who have a skilled partner will get ten extra points according to new point system. You will also get five points if your de facto partner or spouse has competent English

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