New IELTS Indicator Test Launched – Must Read All Important FAQs

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New IELTS Indicator Test Launched – Must Read All Important FAQs

Ever since the onset of Covid-19, a lot of online sites conducting various types of English language tests have faced its detrimental consequences. Hence, the exam of IETS has been designed for all those learners who are getting themselves enrolled at a couple of reputed academic organizations, and, where they invariably need to showcase an optimal knowledge in the English language. Since it’s an online exam, you don’t have go anywhere in person, and, you can display your competency in English at ease from the comfort of your home, especially during this crucial phase of Covid-19 lockdown. So, let’s check out the most prominent aspects related to the exam of IELTS indicator.

IELTS Indicator Test

  • IELTS indicator is different from the in-person IELTS

The test of IELTS indicator is entirely online, so, it is not be confused with the physical IELTS test, which you will have to undergo even after cracking the former successfully.

  • IELTS indicator is an authentic English language test

Just the way the in-person IELTS test follows a set of stringent rules and regulations, IELTS indicator has been formulated according to the same framework. A team knowledgeable examiners has tried to simulate the concept of the original IELTS to implement the exam of IELTS indicator, hence, the latter is as authentic and substantial as the former when it comes to proving your competency in English.

  • Wait for a week to get the score

After you have appeared for the test of IELTS indicator, you will receive both your overall band score and separate scores, pertaining to all the four areas of English.

  • IELTS indicator is a comprehensive test

As the original IELTS test covers all the four areas of English i.e. listening, reading, writing and speaking, the same is the case with IELTS indicator. But, the only fact is,  the speaking test will be conducted through a video call session under the supervision and help of an adept examiner.

Official Source of IELTS Indicator – Visit Here

Important FAQs about the IELTS indicator

  • Is the IELTS indicator a substitute to the original IELTS?

No, but, particularly those academic institutions who conduct the in-person IELTS test, but, are unable to do so due to the Covid-19 lockdown, can resort to the exam of IELTS indicator to test the proficiency of their students in English.

  • What is the IELTS indicator test and what are the eligible countries for it?

The IELTS test is online exam, intended to test the English language proficiency of the learner who is applying at a particular educational institution. It includes all the four areas of English including reading writing, listening and speaking, and, has been conceptualized by trained examiners. This test has been particularly designed for all those countries where the in-person IELTS test has faced an abrupt closure due to Covid-19. Some of these countries include Austria, Papua New Guinea, Kuwait, Kenya, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam, United States of America, France, Egypt, Germany, Uzbekistan to name just a few.

  • How to apply for the IELTS indicator and where will it be conducted?

It’s quite simple. Just go their official site which is and get yourself enrolled for it. And, as it is an online test, you need to take it up from your home only, provided if you have a laptop or desktop along with an internet connection.

  • What is the cost of the IELTS indicator and how old should I be to appear for it?

The total cost of the IELTS indicator is $149 USD. Besides, you cannot undergo this test if you are below 18 years. In case, if you are 17 or 16 years old, you will have to get a special permission from your legal parent or guardian so as to become eligible.

  • What is the purpose of the IELTS indicator and how frequently will it be offered?

The chief purpose of the IELTS is to test the English language proficiency of high school students. This test will be offered once a week.

  • Will the test be timed?

The test session is time-bound and you will get a single sitting to complete it. There’s no provision of stopping the test and coming back again.

  • What is the total duration of this test?

When it comes to the total duration of this test, it takes approximately 150 hours to get over. 30 minutes for listening, and 60 minutes each for writing and reading.

  • What are the tests included in the IELTS indicator?

The test will have one individual examination for each section. Speaking, reading, listening, and writing.

  • What are the essentials required for this test, especially during the speaking test?

Some of the essential items which you need to keep handy are a pad and pen, web camera, a valid passport and a valid Id proof. The web camera will be required so that you can download the zoomed version of the video call application from your laptop or desktop.

  • I don’t have a web camera? Is it possible to take the test?

No. You must have a working web camera.

  • When will I get my final score?

You will get your final score within the next seven days, including the overall band score and an indicative score for each of the four sections of English.

  • Who will evaluate my IELTS indicator exam?

The evaluation of your test will be done by professional IELTS examiners.

  • Score range for in-person IELTS tests and IELTS Indicator would be the same?


  • Will I get individual scores for each section as well as a cumulative score?

Yes, there would be individual scores for indicative performances as well. And you will also receive the cumulative score. That will help you understand how you performed in the other sections.

Hopefully, these FAQs associated with IELTS will help you. For further information regarding the IELTS indicator, avail the unmatched assistance of Education Consultant Perth at  ISA Migrations. They will help you out in case of any issues.

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